Mindful Leadership

Join us for a one-day workshop with Wibo Koole, a leading mindfulness teacher, author and speaker in the field of mindful leadership. Based on his extensive work as an international business consultant and mindful leadership trainer in organisations, he has written the bestselling book, "Mindful Leadership. Tools to help you focus and succeed", which provides the first comprehensive framework for mindfulness-based leadership and teamwork.

A leader’s capacity to help others do a better job determines their own success. In a constantly changing environment, they are the link between the people they work with, their motivation and the broader purpose of their team and organisation. To excel, leaders need to develop mental resilience, emotional agility and effective communication. Mindfulness builds the foundation for these qualities.

By training your ability to be mindful, you can become more resilient – feeling less dragged along and more alive and energized, and better able to keep a balance between your private life and work. This translates to having more time to reflect and keep a strategic overview, while also improving your ability to listen and communicate effectively and objectively as a leader – in conversations, discussions, and meetings – which is a key to successful collaboration.

With increased control over your attention and focus, you can more productively deal with the challenges a manager or executive faces every day and switch with greater ease between reflection and action. Mindfulness can also reduce the stress of common difficulties on the road to effective leadership, such as permanent work pressure and endless sacrifices. Through an improved awareness of your own inner challenges, you can improve your social and emotional intelligence and better understand the rules of successful teamwork.

The Masterclass

Combining mindfulness practice with the newest insights from neuroscience, positive psychology and leadership development, this one-day masterclass in mindful leadership will teach you how to create your own mindfulness practice that supports your managerial role. The key learning outcomes include:

  • Understand the five basic principles of mindful leadership;
  • Gain an understanding of meditation and how to apply mindfulness in your management role;
  • Learn how to deal more productively with everyday work challenges;
  • Understand the fundamental role of management in creating effective, mindful teams;
  • Develop your own meditation practice for mindful leadership.

The day will include a mix of presentation, group discussion, and basic meditation practices. No prior mindfulness experience is required.

For Whom

This workshop will provide an invaluable introduction for those in or aspiring to leadership or managerial positions on how to bring mindfulness into their work.


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