• Tussen droom en daad

    In onze snelle maatschappij vol overvloed en instant bevrediging, komt veel onbehagen en frustratie voor,” vertelt Margôt van Stee. “Velen ervaren te weinig diepgang en zingeving, en doen niet wat ze eigenlijk zouden willen. Leven vanuit je kernwaarden is een vervolg…

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From India to Greece, since ancient times, philosophy has been understood as a way of life – to be practiced through rigorous self-examination and ethical living.

This weekend will explore some of the striking parallels between the practices of early Buddhism, and those of Hellenistic philosophy. Comparing the discourses of the Pali Canon with the teachings of the Sceptics, Epicureans and Stoics, we’ll look at the historical and intellectual background of these traditions, and ask:

How did the doctrines of thinkers such as Democritus, Pyrrho, Epicurus, Epictetus and Seneca resonate with Gotama and his followers?'


The teaching will include seminars, discussions and spiritual exercises.

As an introduction to Hellenistic philosophy before the course, we recommend Pierre Hadot’s Philosophy as a Way of Life.

The weekend will include periods of practice and times for discussion.

For whom

For new and experienced Dharma practitioners as well as anyone interested in philosophy as a way of life.


This event is run in collaboration with the Bodhi College, the European College for Early Buddhist Teaching for Today.