What we do

These sessions are a regular thing for me. They help me embrace the silence. Really taking the time to come back to myself.

Longing to create space for a twice weekly pause from the stresses of these challenging times? Our English speaking teachers at the Centrum voor Mindfulness are offering you just that. We all need some time off these days, to sit still and comfort ourselves, to reflect and to breath. Find yourself in group guided by experienced mindfulness teachers and like minded people.

The sessions help me get back on my meditation cushion at home. the week after.

Practicing and exchanging in a group

The online meditation sessions not only offer you the opportunity to boost your meditation practice but to also to experience the benefits of practicing in a group. And just like in the mindfulness training, the sessions will also touch upon how to apply mindfulness in daily life, especially in these difficult times where we need to adapt in much faster way than usual. Here you can meditate, and - if you want but without any obligation - share thoughts and experiences.

Practicing with guidance

The evenings are guided by certified mindfulness trainers. You can expect to reconnect with the classic mindfulness exercises and to be inspired by new variations. The trainer will lead each practice with a short introduction or contemplation. The sessions are intended to be light in both approach and tone. And of course, the trainers are available to answer your questions, whether they be about your home practice or mindfulness more generally.

I’ve been looking for a fixed time and space I can go to so I can maintain my mindfulness practice, just like I do with yoga. I’ve found it!


The program of our online meditation sessions is quite short: 45 minutes. Ik consist of half an hour mindfulness meditation and a short sharing or Q&A afterwards.

For whom

The sessions are open to everybody meditation experience, like the 8-week MBSR course or comparable mindfulness training.

Starting dates

New dates will be published soon.
Registration will be possible when new dates are published.