The workshop

Deep Listening enables us to listen to another person in greater depth and to open deeper channels of hearing within ourselves. Through awareness cultivated in Deep Listening we can hear and respond to another person, including to their subtlest or unspoken communications. Using the skill of being present and mindful, we stay focused on what we immediately experience, in the here and now, bringing a natural wisdom and understanding into the listening field.


"Listening is richer if you listen with your whole being. You perceive more truly, in a more connected way." - Bert van Disk, Trainer and coach.

This one-day training introduces the key points of Deep Listening Training. The three core skills: embodied awareness, supportive presence and compassionate connection are explored and combined throughout the day in experiential and interactive exercises to enable us to gain a practical knowledge of this method that can be applied into our work and life. We will also use meditative and reflective methods to deepen our experiences of embodied communication and our experience of the natural listening mind.

For whom

Bringing together understandings from contemporary psychology with the methodology of Buddhist compassion training and meditation, Deep Listening complements and enhances existing skills training.


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