Objective of the Workshop on Work Happiness and Mindfulness

  • Gain insight into what matters to you in your work;
  • Develop the right focus through mindful time management;
  • Make conscious choices for valuable work;
  • Focused on the well-being of you as an individual and that of the team;
  • Inspire, get acquainted, discuss together, and take action.

Program of the Workshop on Work Happiness and Mindfulness

The essence of this workshop is focused on Valuable work. We teach you to say YES to what you consider important. You get acquainted with new insights and become aware of your own choices. What characterizes the workshop is its accessibility and down to earthness, without any vagueness. The topics that will be discussed are:

  • Moving forward by standing still for a moment;
  • The difference between job satisfaction and Work Happiness;
  • From work pressure to Work Happiness;
  • Attention management.

Result of the Workshop on Work Happiness and Mindfulness

Our unique method is aimed at creating conditions in which Work Happiness has the most chance to grow, both for the individual and for the team. Participants gain insight into how they can actively work on Work Happiness and will get to work with a variety of assignments and mindfulness exercises. The workshop is embedded in a theoretical and scientific framework around mindfulness and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training) and is tailored to the wishes of the client. Practical, applicable, and flexible.

Are you interested in an in-company or online Workshop on Work Happiness and Mindfulness?

Call or email us without obligation. The Centrum voor Mindfulness has already brought thousands of people into contact with mindfulness. Our customers give us an excellent rating: 9+ (independent reviews via Kiyoh). Workshops can take place at our own locations in the country or in-company. All that is needed is a room with chairs where tables can be moved, a presentation screen with internet access, and coffee and tea. The Centrum voor Mindfulness will take care of the rest. Contact Harrie Zonneveld for a quick proposal.

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