Objective of the Workshop StressManagement and Mindfulness

  • Gain insight into the how and why of our brain’s function: its magical capabilities and evolutionary limitations;
  • Understand the key takeaways from popular time management books and what they really teach us;
  • Develop the right skills to switch between action and reflection (experience-based learning);
  • Provide inspiration, introduce the concepts, facilitate group discussion;
  • Learn how to manage your own time and priorities;
  • Draw inspiration from personal experiences to begin applying these principles.

Program Workshop StressManagement and Mindfulness

In the StressManagement workshop, we unpack the theory of stress, explain what works and what doesn’t, and teach practical exercises that participants can immediately implement at work and home. The approach is straightforward and down-to-earth. The following topics will be covered:

  • The importance of focus attention;
  • Why being busy is for wimps;
  • The common thread in well-known management models;
  • Practical tips and various exercises for the workplace.

Results of the Workshop StressManagement and Mindfulness

Our colleagues are professionals who identify with our core values: giving meaning, being connected, showing vulnerability, acting with compassion, and fostering sustainable development. All have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in human sciences and/or coaching and regularly participate in ongoing training, intervision, and supervision. You can trust that your employees will be guided by experts who understand the challenges of a busy, multitasking work life.

Interested in an in-company or online Workshop StressManagement and Mindfulness?

Contact us without obligation. The Centrum voor Mindfulness has already introduced thousands of people to mindfulness. Our clients give us an excellent rating: 9+ (independent reviews via Kiyoh). Workshops can take place at our own locations throughout the country or in-company. All that’s needed is a room with chairs where tables can be moved. In addition, a presentation screen with internet access is desirable, as well as coffee and tea. The Centrum voor Mindfulness will take care of the rest. Contact Harrie Zonneveld for a quick proposal.

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