Objective of the Workshop on Mindful Pausing

The goals are:

  • Gain insight into how pausing leads to increased productivity;
  • Develop the right attention and skills to feel your state and understand what you need;
  • Inspire, meet, discuss together;
  • Get inspired from personal experiences to create mindful break moments in your workday yourself;
  • Learn how to create balance on your own.

Program Workshop Mindful Pausing

A ‘mindful pausing’ workshop is a fitting mix between getting moving and relaxing, between truly taking a break and gaining new knowledge and insights. The essence of the workshop is that founded and practical exercises are taught that the participants can apply immediately. What characterizes the workshop is its accessibility and down to earthness, without any vagueness. Subjects that will be addressed:

  • Introduction to mindfulness and developing attention;
  • Awareness of your body’s signals;
  • Briefly stopping by moving;
  • Practical tips and various exercises for at work.

Results of the Workshop Mindful Pausing

Our colleagues are professionals who can identify with our core values: giving meaning, being connected, vulnerability, compassionate action, and sustainable development. All have a university or HBO degree in the human sciences and/or coaching and regularly follow additional and refresher courses, intervision, and supervision. You can rest assured that your employees will be guided by experts who know what it’s like to be a busy working person.

Are you interested in an in-company or online Workshop on Mindful Pausing?

Call or email us without obligation. The Mindfulness Factory has already brought thousands of people into contact with mindfulness. Our customers give us an excellent rating: 9+ (independent reviews via Kiyoh). Workshops can take place at our own locations in the country or in-company. All that is needed is a room with chairs where tables can be moved. Additionally, a presentation screen with internet access is desired. As well as coffee and tea. MindfulnessFabriek will take care of the rest. Contact Harrie Zonneveld for a quick proposal.

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