Mindful communication

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for improving communication. It teaches you to listen more effectively and respond consciously. The essence of the workshop lies in teaching grounded and practical exercises that participants can apply in their daily lives, both professionally and personally. The workshop is characterized by its accessibility and down-to-earth approach, without any mystical or vague concepts.


Topics covered in the workshop include:

• The difference between hearing and listening
• Recognizing your own autopilot mode
• Cultivating open awareness
• Practical tips and various exercises to apply immediately

Workshop objectives

• Gain insight into the elements that contribute to successful communication and collaboration, and how mindfulness can support them
• Develop the right attention and skills to connect well with oneself and others (experiential learning)
• Inspire, familiarize, and engage in group discussions
• Finally, be inspired by personal experiences to start applying mindfulness in communication

Expertise and Human Approach

Our colleagues are professionals who identify with our core values: giving meaning, being connected, showing vulnerability, acting compassionately, and pursuing sustainable development. They all have a university or higher vocational education background in humanities and/or coaching, and regularly participate in further education, intervision, and supervision. You can trust that your employees will be guided by experts who understand the challenges of busy working individuals.

Mindfulness & coaching

StressWise is the executive body of the Centrum voor Mindfulness, the largest provider of mindfulness and ACT coaching in the Netherlands. We focus on strengthening personal resilience, enabling participants to handle (work-related) stress, responsibilities, and change in a resilient, flexible, and creative manner. Over 20,000 people have already followed a coaching trajectory, training, or workshop with us. With over 30 trainers and our own postgraduate academy, we have extensive knowledge and experience in coaching and training in ACT psychology and mindfulness.

Interested in a Workshop?

If you are interested in organizing a workshop on “Mindful Communication,” please contact us promptly for a tailor-made program and a quotation. Once you decide to proceed, all you need is a room with movable chairs and tables. Access to a presentation screen with internet connectivity is also desirable. Perhaps some coffee or tea as well? We will take care of the workshop content and provide all necessary materials.

We offer workshops starting from one hour up to a full day. The program is always customized to your specific needs and preferences. Once we have identified your requirements and goals, we will prepare the proposal.

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