Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

This practical workshop offers an accessible and experiential introduction to mindfulness. Mindfulness is a methodology that trains attention. In this workshop, participants will experience what mindfulness can bring to their daily lives and daily activities. Participants will actively engage in mindfulness exercises and have the opportunity to ask questions. The workshop is grounded in theoretical and scientific principles and can be tailored to the client’s needs. Practical and flexible.

Objective of the Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

Is mindfulness just a trend, or does it truly add value? What does it add, if anything? In the Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop, participants gain insight into the how and why of mindfulness. Through their own experiences during this workshop, they can determine if they want to explore mindfulness further or if they prefer other methods to manage work-related stress. The Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop can serve as preparation for the scientifically proven MBSR training (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). It can also be a starting point for organizational development and change, such as creating a more positive company culture based on work happiness.

Program of the Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

In the Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop, participants will learn various mindfulness exercises that they can apply in their daily lives, both professionally and personally. At the Centrum voor Mindfulness, we approach mindfulness in an accessible and down-to-earth manner through attention training. The workshop is presented in a business context so that participants understand how to apply mindfulness in their work environment in a positive and results-oriented way. Attention is also given to the principles and scientific research behind mindfulness. The workshop concludes with practical tips and a Q&A session.

Outcomes of the Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a basic understanding of mindfulness and whether it aligns with their needs. Our experience shows that many participants find the workshop interesting and are encouraged to incorporate mindfulness into their daily work. Some other outcomes include:

  • Understanding the concept of the “autopilot”
  • Knowing how attention works
  • Developing focus
  • Recognizing the importance of self-care for performance
  • Understanding the value of mindful communication

Interested in an in-company or online Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop?

Contact us via phone or email for a no-obligation inquiry. The Centrum voor Mindfulness has already introduced thousands of people to mindfulness. Our clients give us an excellent rating: 9+ (independent reviews via Kiyoh). Workshops can be conducted at our own locations nationwide or in-company. All that is required is a space with movable chairs and preferably a presentation screen with internet access. Coffee and tea are also desired. The Centrum voor Mindfulness will take care of the rest. Contact Harrie Zonneveld for a prompt quotation.

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