Teams: Intelligence and Engagement

Numerous studies have shown that the collective intelligence and engagement of a team is based on the social and emotional intelligence of the team members.

Most people know this. But they do not behave this way. Mindfulness can help us not only strengthen good collaborative behavior in teams, but also anchor this in our daily interactions.

The Mind of A Team

TeamMind is a unique program that combines latest research on high performance teams, mindfulness, and neurophysiology in an intelligent manner.

It is designed in three phases:

  1. Resilience – Learning how to strengthen resilience as individuals.
  2. Relationships – Cultivating empathy and perspective taking in team work.
  3. Collective intelligence – Anchoring practices of collective intelligence in teams.

Establishing Team Habits

Establishing habits of attention, care, positivity and integration are crucial to bring out the collective intelligence of teams. We work on these together and ensure they get anchored in the team work.

Key Takeaways

  • 4 to 6 modules covering both individual and team resilience.
  • Anchoring habits of care and positivity in the team.
  • Joint problem solving exercises.
  • Reduction in stress, improvement in care and collective intelligence.

Collective Intelligence

No one solves problems by themselves anymore. What is crucial for companies is the ability of teams, often dispersed, to work well together and support each other. Psychological safety, social cohesion and information sharing all form the basis of the collective intelligence of teams.

Neurophysiology and Mindfulness

Understanding the neuroscience of how humans collaborate forms a central part of this training. Not surprisingly, in the knowledge economy, care, happiness and safety all have a strong impact on our ability to solve problems well. Integrating this into team habits is central. the collective intelligence of teams.

Collective Intelligence Tests

Teams take part in collective intelligence tests as a group. These are actually very challenging tests and it is interesting to see how teams perform. In addition, participants take part in pre and post surveys including assessments of team emotional intelligence. In addition, teams as a whole solve a series of collective intelligence tests. A group report of pre and post values for each team is also generated.


Support for self-directed learning through the Awaris app and an extensive online library for self-study.


This program can be delivered in a variety of formats – either 4-6 modules, or in a combination of live sessions and video supported peer group sessions.