Mindfulness research has grown exponentially. What is most relevant here for mindfulness-based interventions? How can science inform us how to teach and explain mindfulness in our courses? This workshop explains the latest and most relevant developments in science.

Scientific research offers crucial guidance for making wise decisions in our teaching

The Head and the Heart

Being a mindfulness teacher is in many ways a journey of lifelong learning and discovery. Many of us have been drawn to teaching through their own experience of meditation and because of an affinity with the values at the core of the practices. At the same time, mindfulness-based interventions have been developed and shaped through scientific efforts to evaluate their effectiveness and mechanisms, based on a comprehensive modern understanding of stress and mental disorder.

Science Guiding Our Teaching

Mindfulness research has grown exponentially over the past years, to a point that can make it difficult to keep track of developments. Yet, scientific research offers crucial guidance for making wise and informed decisions in our teaching: to help us teach from the head and the heart.

Teaching mindfulness is about balancing the heart (values, passion) with the head (science, effectiveness)


This workshop aims to make current research findings and their implications for teaching accessible in an interactive process. Presentations of recent developments in the field will be interspersed with group reflections, discussions, and contemplations, to engage a mutual process of exploration.

Rob Brandsma, founder of the Centrum voor Mindfulness will be in dialogue with Professor Thorsten Barnhofer, a leading mindfulness researcher and co-editor of an upcoming special issue in Current Opinion in Psychology, that is mapping the current state of the art of mindfulness research.

The workshop will especially provide scientifically based information about:

  • the particular psychological and biological changes that mindfulness training may bring about;
  • for whom particular mindfulness interventions might be helpful (and for whom they might not be);
  • how best to adapt interventions to the needs of particular groups.

For Whom

This workshop is for every trained mindfulness teacher.


Upon request a certificate of attendance will be issued.


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