Teacher Training .b

.b (pronounced as: dot bié) is a stimulating series of mindfulness lessons, developed especially for young people at school. This method is from the United Kingdom and developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project in cooperation with Oxford University. In the UK this mindfulness training for adolescents is already many years very succesful.

The name of the course point to an exercise in the program: .b. The dot refers to a stop moment, "Full Stop", like the dot at the end of a sentence. The "b" refers to "being" like in the word "to be". So: stopping and just being.

Mindfulness in Schools has spread its wings to other countries and in 2012 is has been piloted in the Netherlands. The Dutch Teacher Training programs was given for the first time in June 2013. The method is suitable for class teaching and developed for the age group of 12 to 18 years.

Teacher Training

What will you learn in this teacher training?

  • The structure of the .b curriculum.
  • Guiding meditations for pupils.
  • The theoretical framework of mindfulness practice.
  • Ways of inquiring meditation experiences of children.
  • The content of the course for adolescents.

Overall there are nine thematic lessons plus an introductory lesson. In lessons of 45 minutes the teacher provides theoretical background and some practical mindfulness exercises. The students practice themselves at home with their own workbook and with meditation exercises they have downloaded earlier.


In four days we transfer the curriculum. After that you will be able to teach the program to classes in secondary education.

During the teacher training you will learn how to guide the exercises. However, what make this training for adolescents to a real mindfulness training is the theoretical framework. If young people learn to understand this they will recognize the need to practice the homework and will also understand better what mindfulness can bring them.

We regularly organize refresherdays for teachers; more information on this website.

For whom

The teacher training is open for everyone who teaches in secondary education and who fulfills the following requirements:

  • Having done an 8-week mindfulness training (MBSR/MBCT) themselves.
  • At least 6 months of personal daily meditation practice (30-45 min. per day) is preferable.
  • Experience with teaching classes.
  • Attendance at 80% of the course at the minimum.
  • Recommended: a silent retreat of at least 5 days.

Below you will find a link to the full general terms and conditions of this teacher training (at the moment in Dutch only):

Course materials

All course materials are included in the course fee. .b is originally an English spoken method and is translated into Dutch. The teacher training will be teached in English. All course materials, like readers for the trainer, the home work exercises and the course book for the students are translated into Dutch and are available in both Dutch and English. On this website we show the Dutch language translations.

Other information and downloads

Below you can find more background information regarding the teacher training and the .b course in Dutch. For English information, please look at the last reference, the website of the Mindfulness in Schools project.


The teacher training .b is in 2012 introduced in the Netherland by George Langenberg, one of the founders of the Centrum voor Mindfulness. George is now focusing his energies on his acupuncture- and yoga practice. CVM now has taken responsibility for the teacher training .b, where it is continued in cooperation with the founders, the English Mindfulness in Schools Project, and a team of experienced Dutch .b trainers.

Start date(s)

New dates will be published soon.
Registration will be possible when new dates are published.