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As MSC teachers we aspire to embody compassion and to create a culture of kindness and common humanity in our classrooms. What challenges do we face in our own compassion practice? Humans are hardwired for kindness. Unfortunately, our social brain is quick to separate people into “us” and “them”. This innate bias limits our compassion to those we feel connected to and agree with and excludes “others” whom we do not know or disagree with. Recognizing our common humanity whilst embracing our diversity is the antidote to our innate tendency to “other”. We believe that we have an ethical obligation as MSC teachers to stretch ourselves in our embodiment of common humanity.

We invite you to deepen your practice in a simple and enjoyable way by coming to the Netherlands in July 2018 to learn, practice and celebrate with each other in our existing global community of teachers!


I am human. Because I am human, nothing human is alien to me.

Maya Angelou

Our objectives for the Teacher Festival:

  • Participating in global and local community of MSC teachers through facilitated group sharing and presentations from projects around the world
  • Deepening MSC teaching skills through talks and workshops by Chris Germer, Kristin Neff and senior teacher trainers
  • Inspiring and nurturing personal practice through multilingual mediation guidance, talks and joint practices


The Festival is not an academic conference, not a retreat and not an arts festival. The format was uniquely designed to build connections amongst our fast-growing international community by providing opportunities for learning (e.g. plenary talks in the mornings), deepening teaching skills (e.g. workshops in the afternoons), for community-building through dialogue (e.g. council sharing, World Café in plenary and in evening), networking and fun (e.g. evening entertainment).

Keynote talks

  • Christopher Germer – On Being a MSC Teacher
  • Kristin Neff – On Science of Compassion
  • and more

Advanced Teaching Skills Workshops

  • Steve Hickman & Vanessa Hope – MSC Inquiry
  • Christine Brähler & Susan Pollak – Making MSC Safe for Trauma
  • And more

For Whom

MSC teachers of all levels who have succesfully finished the teacher training.


This teacher festival is a co-production of Centrum voor Mindfulness and Center for Mindful Self-Compassion

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