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You quickly learn some tools and how to offer them as a trainer for the group. Looking behind the screen, you get a picture of how ingenious the eight week training works.

Mindfulness training programs have attained solid ground in many areas of life: personal development, work, health, education, leadership. In this short Teacher Training you will learn the basic skills of a mindfulness trainer.
This program is recognized by the Dutch associations of professional mindfulness teachers.


I notice how quickly I learned to guide mindfulness practices... but also how much there is still to learn!

After completing this course, you've made extensive acquaintance with the basic skills of mindfulness trainer landscape: guiding practices, inquiry and education. In addition, you have developed in the embodiment of mindfulness. You understand structure and different ingredients of MBSR and other MBIs. You are able to work independently with elements of training in a private practice.

Seamless Integration with the Teacher Training Advanced Program

This Mindfulness Teacher Foundation Program integrates seamlessly with the Advanced Program. Together they form a complete and integrated program to become a mindfulness teacher. Therefore, we recommend to plan both modules as one. Of course it is possible to start with the Foundation Program and decide later upon continuation of your Teacher Training through the Advanced Program. Language of the Advanced Program at CvM be thus far will be Dutch.

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Learning by doing

Learning by doing is the motto of this Mindfulness Teacher Training. The curriculum is organized accordingly. It includes training to teach the exercises and practices of mindfulness MBSR/MBCT, dialogue with the group (inquiry), presenting educational themes. Structure and elements of the MBSR/MBCT are worked through.

Content of the program

The program consists of the following themes:

  • structure and learning curve of the eight week mindfulness training MBSR
  • guiding the meditations and practices of MBSR
  • basic skills in inquiry
  • yoga as a mindfulness practice
  • the place of compassion and kindness in mindfulness
  • experiencing mindful communication
  • the main educational themes of MBSR, particularly stress education
  • mindfulness as a key component for approaching life in a way that is more friendly and mild
  • understanding of mindfulness training as an opportunity to transform suffering full patterns
  • an understanding of what you bring to the group as a teacher and as a human being and of how as a mindfulness teacher you can take good care of yourself

Time investment

Study weight: 52 contact hours, 36 study hours


This program offers sufficient hours of training for access to the Dutch Professional Associations for Mindfulness Teachers VVM and VMBN (Category 2).

Course Materials

Offered by the training institute: workbook and CD set.
To purchase yourself:

  • The Mindfulness Teaching Guide: Essential Skills and Competencies for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Interventions (Dutch edition: Mindfulness Praktijkboek, vaardigheden voor trainers; author Rob Brandsma)
  • Full Catastrophe Living, author Jon Kabat-Zinn, is assumed to be known.

Terms and conditions

pdf 200115 Terms and Conditions Foundational Mindfulness Teacher Training (86 KB)

Complaints procedure of the Centrum voor Mindfulness, read here.

For whom

Experiencing through the body and the senses - Embodiment, practice what you teach - rely on the process and on the strength of the concept - look from fresh at myself as a trainer, at participants and the program... too much to mention. So enriching to my work and life!

This Mindfulness Teacher Training Foundational Program is intended for those who wish to teach the mindfulness MBSR/MBCT program or elements from it, those who would like to integrate mindfulness and self-compassion in their ongoing professional activities (i.e., psychotherapy, coaching, nursing, teaching, etc.), and individuals who have a professional interest in the field (i.e., researchers, administrators, etc.).

  • you have followed a mindfulness training MBSR/MBCT as a participant*
  • you have the motivation to mold your personal passion for mindfulness into professional trainer skills and attitudes
  • you completed some form of higher education
  • you have some experience in working with people in a field focused on personal development
  • you have at least half a year of daily meditation practice (in the traditions Vipassana, Zen or Dzogchen)

* With a mindfulness training MBSR/MBCT we mean: a group training in the tradition of Kabat-Zinn (MBSR) and/or Segal et al (MBCT). Some characteristics: 8 weekly group sessions of at least 2.5 hours, daily homework load of at least half an hour, exercises and body exploration, yoga and sitting meditation, group discussion of training experiences (inquiry). The training is given by a a fully trained mindfulness teacher.


You will receive a confirmation of your registration. We will connect with you in case of further questions.

About the English/International editions

Both the online and the in-person edition offer the same course content.

Please note we also offer this Teacher Training in Dutch. You are eligible for a Dutch course if you have at least a passive understanding of Dutch – expressing yourself in English is fine. If you can follow a Dutch edition, you will have much more opportunities to enroll, please visit our Dutch page.

Online editions

The mindfulness teacher training in English is often offered in online editions, since for most (international) students it is not practical to physically train at our venue. However, if you are able to follow our teacher training in a physical setting in Amsterdam (English or Dutch), we would encourage you to do so.

Start date(s)

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