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Mindfulness training programs have attained solid ground in many areas of life: personal development, work, health, education, leadership. Together with the Foundational Training this Graduation Training provides a complete training for teaching the eight week mindfulness training MBSR/MBCT. This program is recognized by the Dutch associations of professional mindfulness teachers.

I've really got the tools to get started as a mindfulness teacher well prepared.

Foundation and Advanced Program: a complete Teacher Training

This Advance Program integrates seamlessly with the Foundation Program and together they form a complete Mindfulness Teacher Training.

I got a deeper understanding of mindfulness as a way of life. Mindfulness is in my mind, my body and in my heart, and from there originates my desire to transfer this to others.

The course is characterized by an emphasis on inquiry (dialogue with the group); on a continuing to develop more mindfulness in your personal domain (embodiment); by the body-oriented aspects of mindfulness (such as mindful yoga) and focus on the new trainings apart from the original MBSR, the so-called Mindfulness-Based Applications (MBA’s). Thus, the Advanced Program is completing your training, encompassing all elements of teacher competencies.


After this course, you are prepared to offer mindfulness training to groups with different backgrounds. You have knowledge of the evidence-based results, conditions and setting criteria of mindfulness trainings. You can readily switch between change-oriented and an acceptance-oriented approach with your clients. You have a solid foundation of mindfulness for your life and work.


Time investment

Duration: four to six months Study: 104 contact hours, 64 study hours, supervision (3 hours) and peer (7.5 hours), preparing and executing pilot training (approximately 120 hours), writing up a reflection report (around 20 hours)

While I already taught mindfulness classes, my expertise and love of mindfulness and the role of the teacher has grown and I have realized even more that teaching this is a very extraordinary opportunity!

Content of the program

  • inquiry: deepening of the layers in your inquiry and this skill.
  • meditations and exercises: refining guidance skills.
  • learning to work with yoga as an exercise to enhance bodily awareness.
  • pre-class interview as a means of introduce mindfulness, motivate and screen candidates.
  • group dynamics.
  • educational themes of the training; their rationale and how to present them.
  • responding wisely to difficult behaviour.
  • being aware of strengths and limitations in your own teaching.
  • developing further awareness of what you bring to the group as a teacher.
  • developing further competency in taking care for the group (while taking care of yourself).
  • the Buddhist roots of mindfulness.
  • structure, similarities and differences of MBSR and MBCT.
  • getting to know other Mindfulness-Based Applications (MBA’s); programs for areas such as health (-care), education, workplace and leadership.

Giving a trial run of the training

During the training, the participant gives a trial run of the MBSR training, which he/she organizes him/herself and on which he/she also writes a reflection report. Supervision and peer review meetings start in conjunction with this trial training.

Course Materials

Study books to purchase:

  • The Mindfulness Teaching Guide: Essential Skills and Competencies for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Interventions (Dutch edition: Mindfulness Praktijkboek, vaardigheden voor trainers; author Rob Brandsma)
  • Full Catastrophe Living, author Jon Kabat-Zinn.
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression by Zindel Segal, Mark Williams and John Teasdale.

Terms and conditions

pdf 200115 Terms and Conditions Foundational Mindfulness Teacher Training (86 KB)

Complaints procedure of the Centrum voor Mindfulness, read here.

For whom

The graduation mindfulness teacher training is open to anyone who meets the following requirements:

  • having followed our Foundational Teacher Training (lateral entry with equivalent education may be possible, please consult the teachers).
  • completed some form of higher education.
  • experience in working with people in some area of personal development.
  • one year of daily meditation practice (vipassana, zen, dzogchen).
  • as a participant followed mindfulness training MBSR / MBCT.
  • having followed a meditation retreat in silence of at least five consecutive days, preferably in the vipassana tradition (or otherwise Zen or Dzogchen).
  • having had a pre-class interview (by telephone) with one of the teachers.


You will receive a confirmation bij e-mail upon your registration plus an invitation for a pre-class interview if deemed needed or upon request.


The program is offered in English and in Dutch spoken. For Dutch please click on the NL button top right of this page.


This program offers sufficient hours of training for access to the Dutch Professional Associations for Mindfulness Teachers VVM and VMBN (Category 1) . Read more about the accreditation process in the FAQ’s below (in Dutch).

Start date(s)

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