Mindfulness Teacher

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training Foundation Program

    8 Days ›

    Learning the basics of being a mindfulness teacher. Both in-person and online editions.

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training Advanced Program

    16 days/32 half days ›

    When you continue with the Mindfulness Teacher Training Advanced Program after the foundational training, you will be fully trained to be a mindfulness­trainer in one year. And already at the beginning of the graduation training you will be invited to give a mindfulness­training on your own.

Compassion Teacher

Mindfulness for Parents and Children Teacher

  • Teacher Training Mindful Parenting

    5 days ›

    The official international teacher training in mindful parenting, by the developer and researcher of the Mindful Parenting in mental health care program.

  • Teacher Training MYmind for Youth

    5 days ›

    The international teacher training, by its developer dr. Susan Bögels: a mindfulness program for families of youth with ADHD or autism, or behavior disorders.

  • Teacher Training Mindful with Your Baby

    2 Days ›

    Supporting young parents with mindfulness? Take this advanced teacher training.

  • Alumni MyMind: Mindfulness for Youth

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  • Alumni Mindful Parenting

    On the next page an overview per year or country of all certified trainers Mindful Parenting.

Workshops & Continuing Education

  • Becoming A Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Trainer

    1 day ›

    Mindfulness interventions for trauma survivors can both help and hinder, David Treleaven (PhD) provides tools in this workshop to minimize the potential dangers of mindfulness while reaping its powerful benefits.