Mindfulness Teacher

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training Foundation Program

    8 Days › 12 July 2022

    Learning the basics of being a mindfulness teacher. Both in-person and online editions.

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training Advanced Program

    16 days/32 half days › 06 September 2022

    When you continue with the Mindfulness Teacher Training Advanced Program after the foundational training, you will be fully trained to be a mindfulness­trainer in one year. And already at the beginning of the graduation training you will be invited to give a mindfulness­training on your own.

Compassion Teacher

Mindfulness for Parents and Children Teacher

  • Teacher Training Mindful Parenting

    5 days › 07 May 2023

    The official international teacher training in mindful parenting, by the developer and researcher of the Mindful Parenting in mental health care program.

  • Teacher Training MYmind for Youth

    5 days › 18 September 2022

    The international teacher training, by its developer dr. Susan Bögels: a mindfulness program for families of youth with ADHD or autism, or behavior disorders.

  • Teacher Training Mindful with Your Baby

    2 Days › 10 June 2022

    Supporting young parents with mindfulness? Take this advanced teacher training.

  • Alumni MyMind: Mindfulness for Youth

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  • Alumni Mindful Parenting

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Workshops & Continuing Education

  • Becoming A Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Trainer

    1 day › 19 June 2022

    Mindfulness interventions for trauma survivors can both help and hinder, David Treleaven (PhD) provides tools in this workshop to minimize the potential dangers of mindfulness while reaping its powerful benefits.