Our Aim 

The focus of this first edition is on ‘mindful music making and studying,’ as a basic skill for the 21st century musician. Our aim is to bring together people who are professionally engaged in the field of music (performance, creation, education, research, organization, and health care) and who wish to become part of a network and further develop their expertise. Bachelor and Master level students are also welcome.  

The benefits 

As more and more musicians become aware, mindfulness has a beneficial effect on healthy and creative music making. The program conveners, Peter Prommel and Henrice Vonck, are experienced mindfulness teachers at conservatories and in the professional workfield.

In those courses they meet students and musicians of two types: those who are ‘fit to perform’, for whom mindfulness can facilitate their quest for authenticity, creativity and optimal performance; and those who need to ‘return to perform,’ for whom mindfulness teaches a kind attitude towards themselves in a competitive environment, and helps them to find the right balance between challenge and ability.

In addition, mindfulness also supports teachers and staff to learn how mindfulness helps to create supportive ways of teaching, coaching and working together, to allow musicians to fulfill their full potential.   

The program 

The seminar will address these issues with presentations and workshops from a number of experts:  

  • STUDY SKILLS |  Focus and imagination, Wieke Karsten (author of In de Muziek
  • BODY AWARENESS | Mindfulness of the body, Lilianne Koedood (owner of Nolet Fysiotherapeuten, physiotherapists of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra) 
  • EMOTION REGULATION | Wings of Trust, Paul Loomans (zen monk and owner of De Stressontknoping 
  • AWARENESS IN EDUCATION |  Mindful teaching in professional education, Joyce Brouwer (social psychologist, educational advisor
  • MUSIC & MEDITATION | Sound meditation, Marianne Svašek (teacher Indian classical singing at Codarts, Rotterdam)    

In group and plenary discussions participants are invited to share and exchange their own wishes and needs, including their own insights to this newly emerging field of mindful music making and studying.

The Centrum voor Mindfulness aims to support the development of a new network in which expertise is documented and developed, possibly leading to an accredited professional development trajectory for musicians and music teachers, and a tailor made Mindfulness for Musicians training.  

For Whom 

The seminar intends to inspire and to provide a platform that allows for exchange and collaboration in the field of mindfulness for musicians. You are wholeheartedly invited to subscribe, and to connect to this new initiative.

Please feel free to contact Henrice Vonck if you have any questions, by mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone/whatsapp (06 52347843). 

Host and convenors

Henrice Vonck, Peter Prommel (program conveners) and Wibo Koole (director CVM)  

Start date(s)

List of startdates for training Mindfulness for musicians