If you have any questions about mindfulness and mindfulness training, or about reimbursements or other practical matters, please email Mitja, Janneke, and Jasper. If necessary, you can also call them.
Contact details can be found below:

Service Desk
088 20 32 660

CVM Press and Public Information
The Centrum voor Mindfulness Netherlands is an expertise center for mindfulness.
We are happy to provide journalists, press, and (national) media with the latest scientific insights and up-to-date information.

Harrie Kolsteeg
PR & Press Officer

CVM Financial Administration
If you have any questions about an invoice or if there is another topic you would like to discuss with our financial administration,
please send your message to Ruben:

Ruben Kolsteeg

CVM Business
The Centrum voor Mindfulness provides mindfulness training and workshops throughout the country.
The official MBSR training or a customized training or workshop. Please contact Harrie:

Harrie Zonneveld
Account Manager

CVM General
Centrum voor Mindfulness Netherlands
Headquarters ’s-Gravelandseweg 65 1217 EJ Hilversum