Susan Bögels

Prof. Dr. Susan Bögels is a licensed clinical psychotherapist, specialised in cognitive behaviour therapy, and mindfulness for children, parents, in families, and in companies. She is professor in Mindfulness at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She is the founder of the UvA family lab and the academic treatment center UvA minds, in which evidence-based cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness interventions are offered to families with psychopathology. Her main research themes are the intergenerational transmission of psychopathology by family processes and the (cost)effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions. Her fundamental research was awarded with several personal grants for excellent researchers (Aspasia, VIDI, VICI). She published over 200 papers in international scientific journals, many chapters and 14 books. Her books on mindful parenting are translated in several languages and the mindfulness interventions developed by her and her colleagues are used worldwide. She is associate editor of the successful journal (impact factor 3.6) Mindfulness (Springer). She's also recognized as category I mindfulness trainer by VMBN and VVM.

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