Inviting mindfulness into my life has had such a positive and profound impact on me. My own practice allows me to be calmer, more centered and connected to myself, others and the world around me. Over time, mindfulness has helped me free myself from some unhelpful behavioural patterns that I had developed over the years, gain perspective on what really matters and find the courage and confidence to make this a priority.

My professional background is in the corporate world where I worked for 15 years as a senior communications professional for a large number of global brands. I am now dedicating my time to provide English language mindfulness trainings to groups and individuals as well as being a mother.

I also offer mindfulness trainings for expecting mothers and their partners as I believe this is a special time to get acquainted with mindfulness that can have a very positive influence on pregnancy and beyond.

I feel very privileged to share this beautiful practice with others and continue to be amazed by its power to get us in touch with what is best in us. I believe that mindfulness is exactly what our fast-paced, often stressed-out, modern world needs more of.