I have been practicing various forms of mindfulness long before I knew there was a thing called mindfulness. My mother sent my brother and me to meditation classes when we were children. Practicing yoga became a constant in my life from the moment I stumbled into a yoga class in a health club in New York City (where I grew up) about 30 years ago.

When I arrived in The Netherlands in 2002 (for love!) after living and working as a human rights activist and for private foundations in the United States, Haiti and sub-Saharan Africa, I re-connected with meditation and dance (a childhood passion), and learned about emotional body work as part of my personal development process. I became increasingly fascinated by the body-mind connection and the body's intelligence. Before I knew it, next to my consulting work with non-profit organizations, I became a teacher of a sensory-based (another word for mindfulness) movement form called NIA and began coaching women around life transitions after earning certification as an integral leadership coach from Venwoude, a center for personal and spiritual development based in The Netherlands. I also began practicing the martial art Aikido.

I enrolled in an MBSR course as a way of healing from the physical, mental and emotional stress related to the closure of a 17-year love relationship. The MBSR program was such a magnificent integration and deepening of so many things I have learned and practiced over the years that I knew I wanted to offer the program and practices to others. I received my teacher training from the Amsterdam-based Center for Mindfulness.

Today, I offer MBSR courses to the general public as well as to human rights activists. I also integrate mindfulness in my consulting and coaching services as well as my dance classes. If you attend one of my sessions, I guarantee down to earthiness, warmth and humor. You can also expect an eclectic mix of qualities I bring to all I do having been raised by a French father and a Danish mother and lived and worked in many different cultural and political contexts around the world.