I am mindfulness trainer, researcher, teacher and midwife. During my 25 years of working as a midwife I have supported many mothers and babies through the processes of child birth. That was a beautiful and intense part of my life. Since 2012 I am a trainer in Mindfulness Based Childbirth & Parenting (MBCP), specialized in fear in pregnant women. I am also teach the course Mindfulness with your Baby. I study both of these courses at the University of Amsterdam. I work in close collaboration with Nancy Bardacke, the founder of MBCP and Eva Potharst, the founder of Mindful with your baby.

Mindfulness plays an important role in my life. As a fearful mother and overworking midwife I could utilise mindfulness to see why I did the things I did and how I could enjoy my life better. I always wanted to share my experiences and discoveries in the field of mindfulness in my personal and professional life with pregnant women and mothers. I wish for every young family a beautiful start of new life with mindfulness. My next step is to introduce mindfulness into the obstetric care.

At the Centrum voor Mindfulness I teach Mindfulness based Childbirth and Parenting with Fear for expectant women and their partners and for professionals in childbirth-healthcare and Mindful with Your baby for mothers with stress.

For more information:www.mindingeboorte.nl