For Henrice Vonck mindfulness sets the course in the current phase of her life. The combination of (self)awareness, being in the moment and focused on the task, all proven outcomes of mindfulness practice, help her to be receptive to new moments and possibilities. She finished her mindfulness training at the Centrum voor Mindfulness, Amsterdam, and continues to deepen her expertise through self-study, conferences and retreats, combined with the physical practice of yoga and chi kung. At Nalandabodhi, Rotterdam, she followed the Buddhist Path of Study.

Her wish to share her experience and insight with others she realizes in her work as trainer at the Centrum voor Mindfulness, Amsterdam, and at Codarts University for the Arts, Rotterdam. She is currently developing a Mindfulness training for Optimal Performance, to transform stressful performances into a dynamic and creative process. Henrice was trained as pianist at the Amsterdam Conservatory. She obtained a PhD from the University of Amsterdam, with her research on North-Balinese gamelan music. She regularly returns to Bali, as researcher and organizer of (inter)national events.