‘Mindfulness keeps reminding me to live my life, instead of anticipating it. Life is more adventurous this way.’

Hi! My name is Angela Wind and I find it a great pleasure to be a mindfulness­trainer. Hereby I take the opportunity to introduce myself to you. In the year 2007 I attended my very first mindfulness­training. The trainer that time was Rob Brandsma, who later turned out to be one of the founders of The Centre of Mindfulness in Amsterdam.

This particular training turned out to be life changing for me. It enabled me to encounter my own personal automatic pilot, who happened to have a big influence on my life, without me even knowing it! By keeping my mindfulness practice alive, I created more and more opportunities for making the choices that were beneficial for me and the people around me. I enjoy this every day still.

Because mindfulness struck such a chord, and because I was so fascinated by it, I kept on deepening my knowlegde and experience about it. I attended other mindfulness- and compassiontrainings, lectures, went to retreats and eventually I completed the teacher trainings, here at the Centre of Mindfulness.

Besides to my activities as a mindfulness­trainer I also work as a communication, pr and marketing specialist. When I’m not at work I like to take long walks in nature, play the drums and sing. I enjoy cooking and I’m very happy with my allotment on which I grow flowers and vegetables.