Award-winning health journalist Shannon Harvey searched for a scientifically proven way to improve her mental health. She was struggling with exhaustion caused by insomnia and chronic autoimmune disease. In addition, She was concerned about her young children growing up in a world full of stress, anxiety, depression and addiction.

Initially, Shannon Harvey only found recommendations on diet, sleep, and exercise. When she finally discovered mindfulness meditation she decided, as a health journalist, to scientifically test this method and make a documentary about it.

A year of living mindfully

During one year, Shannon Harvey meditated daily and gathered a team of scientists who tracked her progress in various areas such as brain structure and function, stress hormones, immune system and cellular aging to see what would change if she meditated every day for a year.

In the documentary ‘My Year Of Living Mindfully’ Harvey interviews 18 of the world’s leading mindfulness scientists and pioneers including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Daniel Goleman, Matthieu Ricard and Kristin Neff.

She travels from the United States to the Middle East, where she meets a group of African refugees who meditate to better deal with severe post-traumatic stress caused by war, torture and homelessness.

As Harvey describes on her website:
‘This story begins as a year-long experiment and ends up being a life-changing experience.’

Watch the documentary

Are you curious about Shannon Harvey’s personal experiences and the latest scientific insights on mindfulness?
You can watch the documentary for free from May 27 to June 3, 2020:

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