Professor in mindfulness and psychotherapist at the University of Amsterdam Susan Bögelswill strengthen CVM’s programs for Mindfulness for Parents and Children. Together with her academic colleagues Eva Potharst and Irena Veringa, she will teach national and international (English spoken) course and teacher trainings in the areas of Mindful Parenting, Mindful Childbirth and Parenting, Mindful with Your Baby and Mindfulness for Children and Youth.

Broadening and Deepening

Thanks to the cooperation with Susan Bögels and her colleagues CVM can offer a more extended program of mindfulness courses and teacher trainings with a deepening of this field of mindfulness training. One of the course will focus on fear of childbirth with mother-to-be. The new trainers at CVM are trained as psychotherapists in the field of clinical pedagogy, a welcome addition to the work of CVM.

More Expertise in Mindfulness at Work

Next to mindfulness for parents and children the new cooperation with the UvA will also add expertise to CVM’s mindfulness in the workplace programs with the Mindful2work-course and its teacher training. This evidence based program combines active movement with yoga and mindfulness. The goals is to better handle stress at work.

Scientific Evidence

Finally, the Centrum voor Mindfulness dankzij strengthens with this new cooperation it’s commitment to scientific research into mindfulness. Last Summer Susan Bögels organized together with her colleague Anne Speckens from Radboudumc in Nijmegen the Internationale Conference on Mindfulness at the University of Amsterdam. She and her colleagues will co-direct the scientific underpinning of mindfulness courses and teacher training at CVM.

Next courses and Teacher Training

De following courses and teacher training are now open for registration:

For (soon to be) parents and children

Teacher Training

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