Mindfulness does not only influence the way we relate to ourselves, but also the way we relate to others. By practicing conscious, present-moment, non-judgmental attention, with ourselves and others, profound changes in relationships may occur.

Susan Bögels, professor of mindfulness at the UvA and teacher and trainer at the Centrum voor Mindfulness, will give a presentation on mindfulness and relations within the family at SPUI25 in Amsterdam on Thursday evening, January 24th.

How mindfulness transforms relationships and child and family wellbeing

Susan Bögels will review existing research on the effects of practicing mindfulness in pregnancy, childhood, with couples, and parents, on the attention, mental and physical health and wellbeing, parenting, and relationship quality in couples and families.

For whom

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Participation is free. Sign up on the SPUI25 website. Here you can also read more about the presentation.

If you want to know more about the activities of Susan Bögels at the Centrum voor Mindfulness, read this article.

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