Over 100+ MSC teachers from 22 countries gathered this summer at the first MSC International Teacher Festival in the best summer weather one could imagine in the Netherlands.

The Teacher Festival Organizing Committee, made up of Christine Brähler, Mirjam Luthe, Wibo Koole, Marion Miketta and Miranda van Schadewijk invested a tremendous amount of work and creative energy into this event.

The festival was a colorful way of community-building and fun, which allowed for a great experience of being together, sharing and learning from each other.
During our three inspiring and rich days the participants were able to witness, experience or contribute to the many wonderful fruits the Center for MSC’s work is bringing forth around the world. We shared many new ideas and approaches, which are being developed and tested in different places.

Special topics included Christiane Wolf’s talk on equanimity, Kristin Neff’s Yin and Yang on Self-Compassion, Chris Germer on Self-Compassion as an Antidote to Global Loneliness, and Christine Brähler on Backdraft, to name but a few.

Since our community is much bigger (at present about 1600 MSC teachers worldwide) than those who could afford to attend, and unfortunately many were not able to come, CMSC will provide part of the lectures of the festival and videos on Haiku/ PSL in a few weeks and you will be notified when they have been posted.

Author: Mirjam Luthe, teacher self-compassion MSC and mindfulness MBSR