Meditation Evenings

Every Thursday Evening 20:00-20:30h

Wouldn’t it be great to allow yourself an evening devoted to meditation every once in a while? Every Thursday evening: a meditation refresher session, in English. All are welcome.

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As of the start of 2019, the Centrum voor Mindfulness is offering weekly meditation evenings in English to everybody who has completed a mindfulness course at the Centrum voor Mindfulness or elsewhere and wants to boost their practice. Kim Brice is one of the teachers. In this article she describes how she feels about the importance of personal practice, and what it means to her to offer meditation at the Centrum voor Mindfulness.

As a mindfulness teacher, what’s your motivation to offer these sessions?

I am so excited to be part of the team that will guide the English-language refresher meditation sessions this year. It will give me an opportunity to share practices that have become an integral part of my professional and personal life. And also to create a space for a multi-cultural community or those who just like the English language to feel at home and to come home to themselves.

What’s your background and why are you living in Holland?

Love brought me to The Netherlands eighteen years ago. I was raised in New York City by a French father and Danish mother. I have worked initially as a manager and now as a freelance consultant in the human rights and social justice field in places as diverse as the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East.

How important is it to follow meditation in a language that fits?

Though I speak and understand Dutch, my native language makes up an essential part of my identity. Mindfulness is also a part of me, helping find my bearings, especially when I trick myself into believing that I have lost my way. So being able to share what empowers me in a language that fits, is a great gift.

What does mindfulness mean in your own life?

Mindfulness taught me to notice beauty in everyday life and to embrace the messiness of the twists and turns of life with kindness and compassion.

What I have come to love about mindfulness is how it reminds me to take a pause and to slow down, an invaluable skill for someone who grew up in a 24/7 economy and a "you snooze, you lose" culture.

Mindfulness teaches me about the power of intimacy, to notice and listen to what's going on inside of me and to be in a more graceful place with what is going on all around me. It confirms that bigger is not necessarily better and that often good is good enough and most of all that I am good enough.

When I practice mindfulness on and off the cushion, I am better able to tap into my natural intelligence, wisdom and authenticity.

Thanks to mindfulness, I have also deepened my practice of non-judgement, non-striving and letting go, three attitudes that have been my crucial allies in navigating and shaping my life in the years following a divorce, the life changing and stress-inducing event that drew me to my first MBSR course.

What can these meditation sessions offer the participant?

From experience, I know that the refresher sessions can help boost our practice and deepen our understanding of mindfulness. They also give us an opportunity to practice forms of meditation we may have left behind like the body scan or walking meditation.

What would you like to say to people who are interested?

When I intensify my practice, I feel a deeper sense of ease, joy and fulfillment, even if it is just for micro-moments at a time.

There is nothing like the unspoken support and encouragement one gets from practicing in a group and with like-minded individuals. Who knows, it might become your "just for me" night out or a way to make new inspiring connections. Don't take my word for it though, see for yourself. My fellow trainers and I look forward to welcoming you to a weekly experience of coming home.

Meditation sessions in English. Every Tuesday from 19:30 till 21:30 hrs at the Centrum voor Mindfulness.

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