Mindfulness in the Workplace

Our Mindfulness in the Workplace Training is a program developed especially for organizations and their employees. Because mindfulness can be a very supportive resource for them. The high workload of the modern work environment often leads to severe work pressures, demanding continuous high performance under insecure and changing conditions. With health problems like burn-out and low output as a consequence. In short, the modern organization is characterized by high stress. And that contradicts the expectations of employees who want both interesting and rewarding work, that contributes to the needs of our society.

Evidence Based!

Research has shown that mindfulness training has positive effects on the level of stress, mental skills, performance and improves cooperative relations in the workplace. It especially shows that after a mindfulness course employees:

  • Show lower stress levels and negative thinking;
  • Signal earlier that things need attention and act upon those signals quicker;
  • Experience relationships with colleagues as more positive and communicate more easy;
  • Deal better with conflicts, feeling less threatened;
  • Are more self-conscious and vigorous;
  • Work more focused, creative and perform better. /li>

In short, mindfulness training improves physical and mental health. That’s why an incompany mindfulness course is a logical part of modern human resources policies.

The Program

Our incompany mindfulness course is an eight week long training, with weekly sessions combined with regular home practice. We pay a lot of attention to integrating mindfulness at work, to learn to deal with every day work challenges. Motivating people to use mindfulness to support their health and well-being and improve performance and team cooperation.

Developing a different and more effective attitude to work

Mindfulness is not a tric you can learn in a few hours. It is a real skill, an attitude that can be trained quite well in 6 to 8 weeks. Comparable with learning to ride a bicycle or playing a music instrument. Learning a different attitude to your experiences with stress, work pressure, attention, focus, communication and creativity.

We always start from the specific needs of a company, government department or non-governmental organization. Each is different. And our standard 8 week program can be adapted to the needs of employess or companies: which themes to focus upon, course and session lengths are flexible (but we will tell you clearly what the requirements for effective training are!), but we keep high quality as the mark of what we deliver.

A course is never a one time only thing. We will start a conversation with you on how mindfulness training can be most effective and what that needs from human resources.

Our courses meet the international standards of Mindfulness Based Programs. And through our own research and program development we continuously improve our work.

For whom

For all organizations with a grounded human resources policy.

Our clients

The Centrum voor Mindfulness has working with a wide array of corporations, governments and nhg’s and has has delivered courses and workshops at:

The course book: Mindful Werken

Mindful werken omslag wibo koole

More information about the book Mindful Werken

The book is a business-and-managmement bestseller in the Netherlands and participants will receive the English translation of this workbook.

Inspiration for Mindfulness at Work

Below two inspirational webinars. The first about ‘mindful online communication’ and the second about ‘distraction and focus’.

Mindful Communication by Nienke Heijbroek

Focus and Distraction by Monique Verhulst