The audiotracks

Below you will find the collection of audiotracks that go with the Mindfulness at work training program. The tracks will guide you in exercising mindfulness and paying attention to the experiences that present them to you moment by moment. You will train to pay attention to physical senstions in the body, to feeling that can have a pleasant, unpleasant or neutral character, and to moods or thought that show up. Thus, you will discover the world of being present.

How to use

Mindfulness training does not have a goal to become more relaxed or to change our experiences or solve a problem. We train our attention and awareness In that way mindfulness training leads to a greater stability and clarity of mind. And that helps to look with different eyes at at a situation and to handle it in a more creative way. By paying attention to how thing are, in the moment, you will connect to a feeling of health and well-being, even under difficult circumstances.


you will find the following mindfulness exercises:

  • Bodyscan (30 minutes)
  • Breathing Space (3 minutes)
  • Sitting Meditation Paying Attention to Breath (20 minutes)
  • Mindful Yoga – Lying Down (30 minutes)
  • Mindful Yoga – Standing (30 minutes)
  • Sitting Meditation (30 minutes)
  • Breath Meditation (10 minutes)

You can listen the tracks via Soundcloud of via other channels like Spotify, iTunes or the beautiful meditation app Insight Timer (see below).

Playing the tracks via SoundCloud

Other ways of playing or downloading

Aside from playing the tracks via SoundCloud you can download or listen the tracks also via: