Eight sessions, plus one full day

Our mindfulness training programme is made up of eight sessions of 2.5 hours each, plus one full day (generally a Sunday). Each session focuses on a specific theme. The training is given over a period of eight weeks, which is a manageable time span that is neither too short nor too long. Plus, it has been proven that eight weeks is the perfect length to achieve lasting effects.

A natural response

The stress response originated in nature. But in the jungle, threats tend to be both ferocious and short-lived. This is not what our reality is today. Still, our mind sees a lot of threats and often feels a lack of control. In our day-to-day lives, our survival system is sometimes triggered so often that it never returns to a resting state. The body then keeps producing stress hormones, leading to chronic stress.

Practical training

Mindfulness training is a practical training. You learn by doing. It includes the following elements:

  • guided attention and concentration exercises
  • mindful yoga
  • sitting and walking meditation

Aside from that, it covers some theory and there are opportunities to discuss experiences. After all, taking a close-up look at your experiences will enhance your mindfulness and can lead to new insights.

Session themes

  • Session 1: Living on autopilot
  • Session 2: Dealing with obstacles
  • Session 3: In-the-moment awareness of boundaries & possibilities
  • Session 4: Stress and stress responses
  • Session 5: Mindful stress management
  • Session 6: Communication & contact in attention
  • Day of silence: Silent practice session
  • Session 7: Self-care: how to take the best possible care of yourself
  • Session 8: End of training: evaluation and future

Daily practice

Training mindfulness is like training any other skill, and that means you have to work at it. Aside from the sessions, it is important that you also practise at home. During the training, the general guideline is that you should invest 45 minutes of your time every day.


The course material is made up of a work folder with information about mindfulness, the homework, and each session theme. Each participant will also receive a series of audio tracks or CDs with instructions for guided exercises and meditations.

The group

The group is made up of six to twelve people. Although our mindfulness training is a group programme, it is also a very individual process: participants will discuss their practice experiences but will not be sharing their life story.

What to wear

Casual, loose-fitting, and comfortable clothes.


Normally, anyone will be able to handle the level of intensity of mindfulness training (except people who are highly impaired in terms of energy or concentration). Please discuss physical impairments with your mindfulness teacher in advance.

Training day

At two thirds into the training, there is a whole day of practice. This day offers participants the opportunity to practise mindfulness for an entire day, allowing them to practise it on a deeper level. This day is largely passed in silence to make the practice even more intensive.

Preliminary interview

Before the training, the mindfulness teacher will contact you for an introductory and intake interview to see if the training is right for you.

Integration of mindfulness into day-to-day life and after the training

The final part of the course is focused mainly on integrating mindfulness exercises into your day-to-day life. Living with greater awareness and attention. After the final session, it will be up to you to continue to pursue mindfulness. Many participants manage to integrate meditation and mindfulness exercises into their day-to-day lives. There is also the option to take follow-up training for greater depth of practice.