Two days of meditation

Mindfulness meditation is training of our attention. In this weekend we will practice various forms of mindfulness meditation. It all starts with paying attention. To the sensations of your body, to the feeling tone of your experiences, to thougts and our mindset, to our interpretation of the world. The program of this weekend is simple and varied: you will recognize different forms of meditation from the MBSR-tradition like sitting meditation, walking meditation and mindful yoga.

In a few short presentations the teacher will give instruction what to take care of while meditating and how best to approach it. He will draw from the insights of both the MBSR-mindfulness tradition of Jon Kabat-Zinn as well as from the buddhist insight meditation, that is one of the forerunners of the former. Kabat-Zinn made his seven attitudinal qualities the foundation for his mindfulness approach. In the insight meditation tradition factor that can support or hinder your meditations are more central.

In both cases the intention is to support you in sustaining your attention regularly and over a longer period to the experiences as they unfold. That helps to sustain and deepen your practice at home. If you want a fresh inspiration from these foundational principles, this meditation weekend in the heart of Amsterdam offers a wonderful opportunity to do so.


Practicing mindfulness, the development of attention and insight in how our minds work are the connecting thread during this weekend. You try to observe all experiences as they unfold, with holding on to them or pushing them aside. Learning to observe in an open and unbiased way. Becoming aware of experiences as they unfold and the variability of them, and without sticking to fixed interpretations. In this way mindfulness helps to develop insight and to create space for living according your most important values.

Two day of practicing mindfulness in a varied program. From 10:00 to 17:30 hrs. both days. Guided by an experienced mindfulness teacher.

For whom

This weekend is for everyone with some experience in mindfulness meditation. Maybe you have done a mindfulness course (MBSR/MBCT) or a compassion course. But you are also very welcome if you meditate in the insight meditation tradition or any other Buddhist tradition where mindfulness meditation is practiced regularly.

Starting dates

New dates will be published soon.
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