Structure of the evening

It’s a regular thing for me: Embracing the silence. Really taking the time to come back to myself.

How about refreshing your mindfulness during the week? To leave the stress of daily life behind? To regain connection with your practice or to simply enjoy meditating in a group again? Then the meditation evenings at the Centrum voor Mindfulness are for you!

It helps me to find my own cushion at home the week after.

Practicing together and exchanging

The refresher meditation evenings offer the opportunity to experience again the benefit of practicing in a group. Applying the practice of mindfulness in daily life is a topic we will touch upon as well. So basically, we work from the well-known concept of the mindfulness training framework. Ready for you, to help to maintaining and deepening your practice.

Practicing with guidance

The evenings are guided by different mindfulness trainers. You can check the schedule to find out which trainer will facilitate the next evening. When you click on the trainer, you can learn more about him or her.

’ve been looking for a while to find a fixed place I can go to and maintain my mindfulness practice, just like I do with yoga. With this weekly routine I’ve found it.

Meditation evening or meditation day?

The meditation sessions give the possibility to practice ‘in between’. A few hours of meditation in the midst of your busy life. Next to the meditation evenings, the Centrum voor Mindfulness also offers full meditation days. These take place every first Sunday of the month and are in Dutch. The meditation evening and day both have advantages. A full day offers more depth, but takes a bit deeper commitment.


During the evening we’ll be doing different practices. Besides a sitting meditation, an evening often contains a more physically oriented meditation (body scan, yoga or walking meditation).

For whom

For everybody who has participated in a mindfulnesstraining.

Please note: the meditation evenings which say 'Dutch' are in Dutch. They are accessible for every one comfortable with this language.

Every Tuesday evening of the month has it’s own teacher:

  • First Tuesday: Mark Cole
  • Second Tuesday: Jennifer Hordijk
  • Third Tuesday: Mary Kelly
  • Fourth Tuesday: Mona Irrmscher or Marjorie Lumet
  • Fifth Tuesday: Kim Brice