Mindfulness and the Arts

Mindfulness is a way of being, says John Kabat-Zinn. It means that everything that is on your ‘to do list’ should come off it and go on your ‘to be list.’ This is the hardest thing in the world. To actually drop in, and be fully embodied in the present moment. With no agenda for getting anywhere, but just the love affair of being where you already are. And then, when you are fully present, you are ready for anything: you can tap in to your creativity, imagination, your generative capacities, your love, what you care about most.

The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open. Albert Einstein

To be present in ways that are just not possible when you are zoning through your life, to get to better moments some other time. These workshops invite you to actually drop into being, and allow things to be held in awareness. In this respect, art is a great teacher. Art helps us to actually know where we are now, and see that there is more dimensions about this experience. We can experience the wholeness of each moment, of ourselves. There is literally no place to go, nothing to do, no special something to attain, nothing more that needs to be added. We are learning how to drop in and be in the only moment that art offers us.

And that is where the power of MFN comes in: it gives us a way to be in wise relationship with our inner and outer experience, and awakens our essential nature. Mindfulness in the arts drills down to what is deepest and offers a wholesome practice. We do not want a result as outcome. The practice, creating order and harmony as in a work of art, stimulates the growth of our awareness and stimulates our creativity. We learn to be present with open awareness.

We take this as our starting point for the series of workshops, given by Henrice Vonck (mindfulness trainer & musician), Aafke de Jong (painter & dance maker) and Marianne Svašek (singer). You can attend each workshop separately, or in a series of two or three workshops.



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