Discussions of self in Buddhism invariably slip into metaphysical arguments about its existence or non-existence. Followers of the Buddha, it is often claimed, assert a doctrine of No-self, in which the self is an illusion and belief in it a source of suffering. This entirely misses the point of the Gotama’s teaching on Not-self (anattā).

Rather than denying the existence of self, Gotama understood it as a radically contingent and impermanent process. The self is thus a work-in-progress that is neither permanent nor illusory. By becoming aware of this everyday ‘self-ing’ process, we can undermine fixed notions of who we are and thus free ourselves to flourish as the ethical persons we aspire to be.


Through seminars, meditation and discussion, we will offer a positive and dynamic view of self that is founded on a fresh reading of early Buddhist discourses as well as Western psychological and philosophical insights into what it means to be a person.

For Whom

For new and experienced Dharma practitioners as well as anyone interested in philosophy as a way of life.


This workshop is organized in collaboration with Bodhi College Bodhi College, a European institute that has as its objective to make early Buddhist teaching available for today. The teacher, Akincano Weber, is a faculty member of Bodhi College.

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