The goal of all mindfulness practice is to learn to wake up from the sleep of reactivity and to discover how to act in skilful and constructive ways. To live in a way which is more 'awake' is to live a life that flourishes and has greater meaning. Within the Early Buddhist tradition the awakening process is aided by a seven factors that support the process.

One of these factors is, of course, mindfulness but mindfulness doesn't operate alone but needs the help of the other six factors to direct mindfulness and the process of waking-up.


The Seven Factors of Awakening are: Mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy, tranquility, concentration and equanimity. As mental phenomena how do these qualities manifest already in our lives and how do we cultivate them further to aid the process of waking-up?

We will examine the Seven Factors from the perspective of the early Buddhist texts and Western philosophy and psychology.

The weekend will consist of a number of talks as well as meditation periods and question and answer sessions.

For Whom

This weekend is open for new and more experienced practitioners of the dharma (mindfulness), but also for everybody interested in philosophy as way of living.

Start date(s)

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