This Secular Dharma workshop will focus on the cultivation of three interconnected themes that constitute the heart of contemporary mindfulness practice: autonomy – the inner freedom to respond rather than react to life situations; imagination – the capacity to engage creatively with all activities; and care – an openhearted concern for oneself and others to flourish.

Such a perspective encourages a way of life that is less constrained by psychological habit and social pressures, thus rendering one more willing and able to assume responsibility and take risks. It offers a path to increased aesthetic sensitivity with regard to both nature and art, while also refining the empathetic capacity to engage with the suffering of others.


Drawing on early Buddhism, philosophy and the arts, the time will be divided between seminars, meditation and discussion.

For Whom

For new and experienced Dharma practitioners as well as anyone interested in philosophy as a way of life.

Start date(s)

New dates will be published soon.
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