I have again found peace and can again enjoy my children instead of leading the family as a manager! – A mother
A mother

The corona crisis may give us what we lost: simply being present with our children. But this time also demands new things from us as parents and as parents. The children are at home, partners are at home, and we are thrown back to the core of our existence: our family. Our parenting, our parent-child relationships, our co-parent relationship is put under a magnifying glass. This time of forced standing still and distancing from the outside world may help us see more clearly what is going on in our family relationships, with our children and our co-educator(s), and what is needed. Mindful Parenting training in an online parent group can help with this.

Mindful Parenting is cultivating mindfulness in your upbringing and family life. The developer of the Mindful Parenting training, Prof. Susan Bögels, psychotherapist and mindfulness trainer, and professor of mindfulness at the University of Amsterdam, offers an online course at the Center for Mindfulness for parents in this time of standing still and social distance and of proximity within the family, who want to cultivate Mindful Parenting, together with other parents.

The course consists of 11 weekly online life meetings in a group of parents, and homework, in the form of reading, reflecting, meditating, and application in parenting. The course is based on Susan Bögels' book “Mindful parenting: Finding space to be – in a world of to do”, and is the result of years of development and scientific research into Mindful Parenting.

In this training we practice Mindful Parenting in 11 themes: 1. Attentive parenting; 2. Being your own parent; 3. Parental stress: from survival to breathing space; 4. Parental expectations and the true nature of the child; 5. Rupture and repair; 6. Parenting together; 7. Setting boundaries; 8. Guilt and shame: forgive, connect, apologize; 9. Denial and acceptance; 10. Reliving your own childhood; 11. Lifelong parenting.

This online training helps you to become aware and to deal better with the stress and hectic in parenting, and your over-reactivity as a parent. You train your ability to respond less from automatic patterns and to be more consciously involved in the parenting of your children. You increase your emotion regulation and with that the emotion regulation of your children, so-called co-regulation. You develop insight into the origin of your parental stress and over-reactivity, and you learn to take care of the child in you.

Watch this video in which trainer and developer Susan Bögels talks about the Mindful Parenting training (the video is Dutch spoken with English subtitles): 


Parenting is one of the most intense and rewarding, and at the same time challenging and stressful ' jobs ' that we will ever have. We get caught in the daily hectic and no longer know how to be present with ease in the here and now with our children. Susan Bögels

At the University of Amsterdam, Susan Bögels and her research team have conducted extensive research into the effects of Mindful Parenting, both on parents whose children have a mental disorder, and on parents with parental stress or parenting questions.

This research has shown that Mindful Parenting:

  • reduces parental stress;
  • parents react less automatic, over-reactive;
  • reduces symptoms and problem behavior in children and parents;
  • improves the relationship between partners and co-parents;
  • improves parent-child relationships and family functioning;
  • improves the well-being of both parents and children.


The online program consists of 11 1-hour weekly meetings. As with any mindfulness training, it is important to also practice daily at home. During the training, a time investment of half an hour per day for home practice is needed.

Before the training, there is an online individual interview with Susan Bögels, to get to know each other and to find out whether the training suits you.

For whom

In the training I have learned to better feel my boundaries and to express them in a calm manner. Suzan

The online Mindful Parenting training is for all parents who want to parent consciously. Parents who notice that sometimes the hectic everyday life, the stress, plays such a big role that it is not possible to be with your children with calm and attention, and to enjoy your children. You sometimes feel more like a family manager than a parent.

The training is for parents who are new to mindfulness, but also suitable for parents who have already done mindfulness training and seek to refresh and deepen the practice of mindfulness in parenting.


The trainer will have a telephone conversation with you in advance to get acquainted and to see if the training meets your needs.

Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting: Finding the space to be-in a world of to do

Susan Bögels wrote the book "Mindful Parenting: Finding the space to be-in a world of to do", Pavilion Publishing, a practical guide to mindful parenting. This books needs to be purchased.

You can purchase the book at Pavilion or Amazon

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