Mindfulness is is here to stay in our society. Tenthousands people have started to practice it, in the last decades, just like you. Often by first participating in the standard 8-week mindfulness training course. But also they have learned about mindfulness in other ways. Through friends or family, a psychologist or family doctor, via work or by interest in Eastern contemplative wisdom. Or from the media. And those that experienced the positive effects of mindfulness, keep practicing it. Now and then, or regularly.

From last year's live meditation sessions we learned that many people enjoy that support for their daily meditation, especially because it is not abstract and distant through an app but live-online with others. And we received a lot of positive comments on the variation in themes and teachers. Appreciation for poetry used and inspirational texts. And many questions for more.

Building on those positive experiences we will broaden our support for your practice.

Inspiration and connection

CVM | Mindful Living will offer, next to continuing the daily live-online sessions, also other sources of inspiration and connection. As support for your own meditation practice, to apply mindfulness as attitude and inspiration in your own daily life, and to let mindfulness play an increasing role in the way we live together as a society. Because as CVM we think mindfulness is both personal and social!

Mindfulness Live-online

Every day live-online meditation sessions for everyone, both beginners and advanced, with or without experience in meditation.

  • Every morning on workdays from 07:00 – 07:30 hr., with every week a different teacher and theme.
  • Every evening from 19:30 – 20:00 hr., with every day another teacher and theme.

All sessions available the next day as podcast and video for s

Mindfulness in Practice

How to exercise mindfulness, what is the best position and attitude, how to maintain practice? Many qiestions to ask when meditating. In short podcasts and videos our trainers provide instructions and tips for how to meditate effectively, and information about different methods, techniques, positions and attitudes when meditating.

  • Mindfulness: What and How – Wibo Koole
  • Mindful Self-Compassion: Basic Principles – Mila de Koning

Mindfulness Inspirations

Let yourself become inspired by words, images and sound. Offered by vaious techers. Podcasts and videos to play at any moment.

  • Meditation sessions with a theme or poetry
  • Every day mindfulness – 30 days – Rob Brandsma
  • Mindfulness in six ways – Wibo Koole
  • Blogs about mindfulness, personally and in society – Various authors

Mindfulness: Living It

How can mindfulness play a role in my life, we ask ourselves. How to apply it's attitudinal qualities like attentions, fresh start, friendliness from day to day? When you are young, as a student, or parents with children, in a busy worklife, or at a later age? A series of videos about mindfulness in different stages of life, inspiring and practical.

  • Mindfulness, food and health
  • Mindfulness, parents and children
  • Young, student and full of ambition
  • Mindful above 60

Mindfulness in Perspective

What's the origin of mindfulness? Is it modern science and positive psychology? Or is it religious because is has some buddhist roots? We will offer webinars and live events about the philosophy, ethics and science of mindfulness and compassion.

  • Mindfulness: philosophical perspectives
  • Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science - Christina Feldman & Willem Kuyken
  • Mindfulness: Buddhist roots
  • Modern science, mindfulness and compassie
  • The brain behind mindfulness

Mindfulness Current Affairs

Webinars and interviews about current issues and news in our society, about books and movies.

  • Mila de Koning & Marga Gooren – Hart voor de dokter
  • Coen Völker – Fear of Cancer
  • Chris Germer & Sydney Spears – Self-compassion in anxious times
  • Stephen Batchelor – An Ethics of Uncertainty: A Post-Buddhist Odyssey
  • Kristin Neff – Fierce Compassion
  • Frits Koster & Jetty Heynekamp – Mindful Communiceren

Mindfulness Retreats

Meditating together supports your practice. We offer retreats, weekends and meditation days and evenings, at our center in Amsterdam or another fine venue. As subscriber you will get a discount.

  • Retreats (week or weekend)
  • Meditation Days
  • Meditation Evenings


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  • You always have access to inspiration for your meditation.
  • You connect with others, doing things together works.
  • You support CVM to make this possible.

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