• Mindfulness in Ukraine


    In the spring of 2020, CVM received an email from two psychologists from Ukraine, Julia and Olena. They asked us if we could support them in the development of mindfulness. In two weeks from now, Mila de Koning and Rob Brandsma would travel to Ukraine and train the first group of mindfulness teachers there with our colleagues

  • Joy


    How can you experience more joy and happiness in the midst of the daily ups and downs. Kim also shares 2 mindfulness practices with us.

  • The difference between au and wow


    There is this unpleasant feeling again. For this moment, you don’t know how to get rid of it. If you knew how, you would made it go already. Does it make sense to continue fighting it, to judge it, to zoom in on it?

  • Staying balanced and healthy in times of crisis


    Certainly, a lot has changed in the world and in our own lives in the past months. Our work and work spaces, our mobility and shopping experiences, our relationships, social life and habits around fitness and entertainment have all shifted dramatically.

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  • Live-online - every morning on workdays
    Every Monday to Friday from 07:00-07:30h ›

    Every morning on workdays a live-online mindfulness meditation during the pandemic and after that

  • Live-online - every evening
    Every evening from 19:30-20:00 hr. ›

    Every evening a live online meditation session, during the pandemic and after it.

  • Meditation evenings
    2 days ›

    Wouldn’t it be great to allow yourself an evening devoted to meditation every once in a while? Every Thursday evening: a meditation refresher session. All are welcome.