Developing vision and strategy, letting your people perform well, balancing your work and private life. You are the key figure inside and outside. While the world around the organisation is constantly changing, the pitfalls are looming. In the training Resilience in Management we lay a solid, lasting foundation for mindfulness as a skill: resilience and an open mind in your role as a leader.

Consciously shifting between action and reflection

During this training you will increase the power of your attention and personal resources. Instead of acting on the automatic pilot, you will learn to use a conscious response. This will lead to more resilience (less being dragged along, more vital and a balance between your private life and work) and an open mind. That will translate in taking time to reflect, having a better overview, listening better and communicating effectively (conversations, discussions, meetings) and successful teamwork.

The effect of the training

In the past few years, we have researched the managers who have followed our training. Without exception it appeared that within the groups their mindfulness increased significantly and that their stress levels clearly diminished. Moreover, they reported that they are more capable of reflecting and optimising their work. A few statistics:

  • 91% takes more time to reflect
  • 87% notices to be more calm and has a better overview
  • 85% is less affected by emotions and thoughts
  • 84% listens better to itself and others
  • 73% feels more vital and more confident
  • 73% can work more focused
  • 69% can balance private life and work better

So the research shows that you train exactly the three forms of attention (to the inside, to the outside, having an overview – Goleman, Attention) which you need the most in being a leader.


Action and reflection

You learn mindfulness by experiencing. Therefore, the sessions consist of doing exercises and discussing the experiences: action and reflection. Also, the dynamics of old patterns and new choices in management are explained.

The training is a Mindfulness-Based Program developed by Wibo Koole, writer of the successful books Mindful Leadership and Mindfulness in the workplace(in Dutch: Mindful Werken) and his colleague Rob Brandsma especially for managers and leaders in challenges jobs.

Time investment/Language

The program takes ten weeks (nine sessions and a practice day). In that period, it requests a time investment of 30 minutes per day to do mindfulness exercises. The course is Dutch spoken, but is also easy to follow for English speaking particiapants with a basic understanding of Dutch. The teacher is fluent in both Dutch and English.

Course Material

The course material consists of two books (Mindful Leadership and Working Mindfully by Wibo Koole) and a set of audiotracks.

For whom

This program brings people together who all exert a solid management role: managers, executives, senior project leaders or experienced consultants and professionals. Those who are daily loaded with functional or hierarchic leadership or end responsibility. You identify the power of attention and you are curious about the possibilities of meditation. You can see the advantage of working in a group with people who have similar positions.