The meditation day

After the MBSR/MBCT mindfulness­training you’re by yourself again, and that’s also how it should be. However, living mindfully in daily live, keeping up with the practice on your own, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes it can help to practice with other people. To sit together, maybe share and feel part of a group again. Even just for a day.
You will practice together, carry the silence together. Walking, sitting, stretching, eating: you’ll do everything with your undivided attention. The noise of daily life will for one day be soaked in silence, peace and being close to yourself, the being-mode. Nothing to do, you can surrender to the program.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to pause and come back to yourself, to observe yourself. It also offers the chance to step out of the hectic of the day completely and relax. It’s kind of creating an audience with yourself. Ineke

You’re also welcome when you simply want to refresh your practice. It’s pleasant to be guided and taste again the depth and essence of pure meditation. ‘It’s easier in a group than at home’ many participants say – and you can benefit from this effect by simply reserving one of our meditation days in your diary.


Good to hold still for a moment, arriving at your own doorstep, and then, afterwards, continue with your life again. Thea

A meditation day is like the silent practice day you know from the 8-week training. During the day we’ll do many different mindfulness practices, some new, but most of them known to you. At the beginning of the day there the opportunity to exchange on your experiences with mindfulness practice in your daily life – the insights and the obstacles. The remaining of the day will be in silence. The usual concept.

Every mindfulness day is guided by one of our experienced mindfulness teachers.

For whom

It’s for anyone who has participated in a mindfulness training or gained meditation experience through a different tradition.