Mindfulness WorkplaceMT

WorkplaceMT is a scientifically validated and proven method for bringing mindfulness to the workplace. This training program, conducted over six weeks, enhances the sustainable employability and well-being of employees. Through its practical approach, it increases productivity and creativity within organizations and businesses. Centrum voor Mindfulness aims to elevate workplace happiness through this training. WorkplaceMT is a compact, proven, and highly effective method that allows participants to apply mindfulness specifically during their workday, reaping all the positive benefits that come with it.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Mindfulnesstraining (MBSR)

MBSR adheres to internationally recognized quality standards. Regardless of location, from Groningen to New York, anyone who undergoes MBSR training gains universal knowledge and techniques. Centrum voor Mindfulness focuses on Vitality Policy, particularly on strengthening mental resilience, through this training. The essence of our programs lies in teaching participants evidence-based and practical exercises that they can apply in their daily lives, both professionally and personally.

In addition to our in-company group options, individual employees throughout the country (and online) can participate in one of the group trainings we offer at our locations. Naturally, individual coaching is also available.

Mindfulness Workplace MT Incompany

In this training program developed by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, employees and teams are trained in mindfulness skills over a period of six weeks. You will attend one-hour training sessions weekly, either online or at a designated location. Each week, you will learn new techniques to enhance and strengthen productivity, personal leadership, well-being, and resilience. Tools and exercises will be provided that you can directly apply in the workplace. What can you expect?

  • A time-saving mindfulness training solution that yields tangible results in the workplace;
  • Een evidence-based approach;
  • 60 minutes of training per week over a period of 6 weeks;
  • A suitable combination of theory and experiential learning;
  • Learning to work with a combination of formal mindfulness exercises and practical techniques for your desk or work environment;
  • A suitable combination of theory and experiential learning An estimated 15 minutes* of daily home practice throughout the training duration.

Mindfulness MBSR Incompany

The MBSR mindfulness training focuses on reducing stress symptoms in the broadest sense. Over eight weeks, you will gain insights into how you relate to yourself. You will learn to distance yourself from your thoughts, manage emotions, and listen to your body. At Centrum voor Mindfulness, we provide you with ample tools to integrate mindfulness into your daily life – without any fluff, but with expertise. What can you expect?

  • This training is for organizations and individuals committed to sustainable employability and mental resilience, following an approach that delivers tangible results.
  • The approach is evidence-based, drawing on decades of research. Our training programs incorporate the latest research findings.
  • Two hours of training per week over a period of 8 weeks.
  • A combination of theory and experiential learning in the lesson content.
  • Learning to work with a combination of formal mindfulness exercises and practical techniques for everyday life.
  • An estimated 30 minutes* of daily home practice throughout the training duration.

*A combination of 15–45 minutes of formal mindfulness exercises and informal daily awareness exercises.

Are you interested in increasing the work happiness of your employees through an In-Company Mindfulness Training?

Let us know. There is abundant scientific evidence that our mindfulness training programs, Workplace MT and MBSR, help your employees experience more relaxation and take more control over their work activities. This contributes to the joy and work happiness of individual employees and the overall workplace. We see this reflected in the results of the questionnaires we administer to our clients and in the feedback from individual participants. Reach out to our account manager, Harrie Zonneveld, to learn about the potential impact of MBSR mindfulness training, Mindfulness Workplace MT, or a customized mindfulness training for your employees or colleagues.

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