This Mindful Practice in Medicine workshop is a retreat-like program to energize your clinical work while helping you find joy and resilience, through honing your self-awareness and deep listening skills that are keys to navigating stressful and demanding situations you face daily. We can help to improve your relationships with patients and colleagues and to advance the quality of the medical care you provide. The workshop builds upon three core components of theory and practice: formal and informal mindfulness practices, narrative medicine and appreciative interviews and inquiry. 

Core Themes

  • Noticing – Our ability to notice, perceive, and discern
  • Teamwork – Our capacity to work effectively with others
  • Suffering – Our responses to others’ suffering, being compassionate while cultivating resilience
  • Conflict – Working more effectively with conflict with patients, peers, students, colleagues, and supervisors.
  • Errors – How and why we make errors, how to work more effectively with this challenging feature of professional life
  • Uncertainty in Medicine – Working with the inevitable dynamic of uncertainty in clinical practice and bringing awareness to the cognitive and emotional challenges that uncertainty entails
  • Compassion for others – Cultivating compassion for all others regardless of our feelings of worth or merit, including self-compassion, recognizing burnout, and enhancing personal well-being
  • Professionalism – Exploring how ethics and professionalism are functions of our mindful attention and awareness
  • Grief and loss – Investigating clinician grief and loss as an inevitable by-product of empathy and compassion, and how to use this understanding to maintain personal and professional well-being
  • Resilience – The capacity to respond to stress in a healthy way, bouncing back after challenges while growing stronger


Focus on Your Learning Needs

Contemplative practices, dialogues with colleagues and inquiry-oriented group discussions will enhance your ability to focus, connect and communicate with patients and colleagues. Learn how to:

  • find meaning in your work
  • be more resilient
  • effectively manage challenges in clinical work
  • listen more deeply
  • improve communication
  • cultivate compassion and gratitude
  • experience clarity and focus
  • become more self-aware
  • be a part of a larger community

New Abilities Learned

After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Apply self–awareness and self-monitoring during clinical work and teaching
  • Demonstrate skills in attending to patient’s needs, effective clinical practice and compassionate care
  • Effectively manage challenges at work and practice ways to attend to your own well-being.


In the workshop we offer didactic, contemplative, and interactive elements, with detailed guidelines for each exercise. After each exercise, we have inquiry-oriented discussions and debriefing in which participants share experiences, insights, challenges, and questions. Our goal is to develop a learning community as participants see their own expertise and the expertise of others as ongoing resources.

In the interactive didactic portion of each module, we outline the structure and purpose of the session and present material related to the theme of the module. Presentations are deepened by discussion and inquiry.

Guided contemplative exercises generally comprise about 1/3 of each session. These include meditative practices and other experiential exercises guided in a manner that weaves in the theme of the given module.

Dialogue exercises (narrative medicine, appreciative interviews, insight dialogues, etc.) comprise about 1/3 of each session. Participants prepare narratives relating to the theme of the module, and engage in dialogue with 1-2 other participants. We provide specific guidelines for deep listening, emphasizing that deep listening is as important as the sharing of stories; we integrate informal mindfulness practice into the listening experience. We also provide guidance regarding the use of reflective questions to encourage deeper inquiry into the experience of the storyteller.

For Whom

Designed for medical practitioners (physicians, NPs, PAs) and others involved in medical practice and education. No prior meditation experience is required, however, familiarity with meditation or other contemplative practices is desirable.

Developed by Physicians

This workshop, developed by physicians to help medical practitioners and educators respond to the erosion of joy in their work, provides an experiential and interactive learning environment. Our approach is evidence based–as it lessens the effects of burnout and improves well-being, engagement with work, and patient-centered compassionate care.

Worldwide Community

Join physicians, PAs, NPs. and other health professionals from over 20 countries worlwide.

Start date(s)

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