In case a course session, or teaching day or a full course program cannot take place, for example because the teacher is ill, you will be noticed as early as possible. The course can be rescheduled and if this is not possible, the full course fee or the applicable part of it will be refunded.

Cancellation is also possible when the minimum number of participants for the course is not reached. In this case there will be a full refund of the course fee.

CVM is not liable for travel and hotel costs made for the course by the participant and no refund of these is possible.


After your registration, and in the case of teacher training and some other programs after the approval of your participation, you will receive a confirmation email together with an invoice. Payment is always due before the start of the course. The last pay before date and other terms of payment will be stated in the confirmation email with the invoice. These can also be found on the course webpage.

Your participation is final when the invoice has been paid within the stated business term of payment. Not paying in time can lead to cancellation of your participation.

Cancellation by the participant

Cancellation by the participant is possible until a month before the start of the course, workshop or teacher training. In that case we will refund the full course fee minus a €100 administrative fee for cancellation.

In case of cancellation between a month and two weeks before the start of the course 50% of the course fee will be refunded.

Cancellation shorter than two weeks before the start date leaves the full course fee to be paid and no refund will take place. However, there is the possibility that someone else takes your place, on the condition he or she fulfills the course’s requirements. Another possibility is to shift your registration to a next start date of the same course.

For some courses, workshops or teacher training programs, f.e. the Mindfulness Teacher Training Foundation and Advanced Programs, a different cancellation policy applies, that can be found on the course webpage.