I have again found peace and can again enjoy my children instead of leading the family as a manager! – A mother
A mother

In this Mindful Parenting training you will learn how to deal better with stress and the daily hassle of parenting. You train your ability to react less from automatic reaction patterns and with more present moment awareness in parenting your children. You develop self-reflection in parenting, and seeing the unique nature and intentions of your children. You will also learn to cope better with your own emotions and support your children in dealing with emotions. What you develop in your relationship with your children is also applicable in the relationship with your partner or co-parent, and in the relationship with yourself.

In this video teacher and developer Susan Bögels tells about the training Mindful Parenting: 


Parenting is one of the most intense and rewarding, and at the same time challenging and stressful ' jobs ' that we will ever have. We get caught in the daily hectic and no longer know how to be present with ease in the here and now with our children. Susan Bögels

Research of Susan Bögels and her team at the University of Amsterdam shows that the Mindful Parenting training substantially reduces problems and improves well-being in both children and parents, that parental stress decreases, the quality of parenting and the parent-child relationship improves, and the partner and co-parent relationship improves. These results are found in parents of children with certain problems such as anxiety, ADHD, autism, or a chronic disease, as well as in parents with stress because of a busy life.


The program consists of eight sessions of 2.5 hours and a follow up meeting about eight weeks later. As with any mindfulness training, it is important to practice daily at home. During the training a time investment of 45 minutes per day is needed.

For whom

In the training I have learned to better feel my boundaries and to express them in a calm manner. Suzan

The training Mindful Parenting is intended for all parents who want to parent with awareness and notice that sometimes by the daily stress and business of life, they don't manage to be present with children with calm and attention, or forget to take care of themselves. The training is for parents who have no Mindfulness experience, but also suitable for parents who already have done a mindfulness training and are looking for refreshment and deepening the practice of mindfulness in their family life.


The trainer will have a telephone conversation with you in advance to get acquainted and to see if the training meets your needs.

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