Mindfulness for Organizations: Our Vision

Resilience, well-being and innovation

All companies and organizations like to see their professionals work with engagement and joy. Everyone wants teams to work together effectively under high pressure, helping the organization achieve its goals: deliver high quality output, with satisfied customers and stakeholders, less absenteeism and burnout, more fun and enthusiasm. Mindfulness is an indispensable ingredient for achieving this.

Mindfulness as a resource

Mindfulness - being aware - is a powerful resource for the functioning of individuals and teams at work. Strengthening mindfulness lifts the burden of unwanted stress and habits employees develop during mindfulness training help them flourish. Individuals and teams learn to make conscious choices that lead to better outcomes: for their own health, for their colleagues, for the organization and for customers. Mindfulness training has proved to be effective in accomplishing this.

Proven results

Mindfulness training is an evidence based way for improving the way people handle stress and build up psychological capital, such as resilience, self-confidence and optimism. Research shows that when comparing a mindfulness training group with a control group, that didn’t receive any mindfulness training, the training group showed significant higher levels of mindfulness and lower levels of stress. They also experienced higher levels of intrinsic work motivation. After attending a mindfulness training, 70 -80% of employees:

  • suffer less stress and have less negative thoughts;
  • identify stress more quickly and subsequently do something about it;
  • communicate easier with colleagues;
  • deal better with conflicts, because they feel threatened less quickly;
  • become more self-aware and vital;
  • have more focus, are more creative and perform better.

Similar effects occur for teams. Agile teams, for example, have significantly better startup meetings if they use short mindfulness exercises. Recent research shows that a mindful environment leads to more innovation.


Mindfulness in the Workplace Training, live and online

An effective, 8-week training in mindfulness at work. In a group. Learning to deal with attention, stress, releasing the autopilot, saving your energy balance and communication at work. This training leads to more vitality, focus and creativity in the workplace.
Includes workbook and audio tracks.

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Mindful Leadership Training, live and online

Develop mental resilience, focus and emotional agility in your role as manager or executive in this 10-week program. Communicate no longer from the automatic pilot, but from a conscious response. Learn to switch between action and reflection and develop a powerful resource for your team leadership.
Includes workbook and audio tracks.

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What we offer

We offer two programs for mindfulness at work:

  1. Mindfulness at Work Training for employees and teams, live and online.
  2. Mindful Leadership Training for managers, executives and HR-professionals, live and online.
  3. Additional possibilities for creating mindful organizations through: Introductory Workshops, Team Training, Advanced Executive Leadership Program, Leadership Development Modules, Young Professionals program, keynotes and TEDx-style Introductory Lectures on Mindfulness, live and online.

Mindfulness at Work Training

Our in-company program is an 8-week mindfulness training, tailored to the needs of employees and teams. It consists of weekly meetings at the workplace, combined with regular practice at home. We pay a lot of attention to how you can integrate mindfulness into your daily practice, so you can work with more vitality, focus and creativity.

8 steps to control your work-stress. That may sound like an easy trick, a quick fix, yet mindfulness is anything but that. Mindfulness is a skill, an attitude you can master in a few weeks by practicing. Like cycling, in the beginning it can be difficult and wobbly. But when you continue doing it, you become more skillful, and quickly cycling becomes easy. During our mindfulness training you primarily work on developing a different attitude, a different outlook on how you do deal with stress, work pressure, attention, focus, communication and creativity in your work.

After the Mindfulness at Work Training, your will notice that you have a more open mindset, you react more consciously, and have developed more resilience. You are more grounded, more open to your colleagues’ needs and concerns, more attentive, more aware.

With this mindfulness course you learn to switch smoothly and with attention between action and reflection. You feel more relaxed, more resilient and less agitated. You have a better overview, a better overall picture, work together more effectively and are a lot more creative.

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Mindful Leadership Training

We offer the Mindful Leadership Training both as an open enrollment and as an in-company program. Each organization has its own challenges: absenteeism, quality improvement, innovation or organizational change to name just a few. To connect to these challenges, we don’t just offer the same standard program to everyone, but we start by looking with you at what your organization and your employees need.

Every organization has its own purpose, goals and targets. One organization helps to make people healthy, another builds technical installations. One provides legal advice, the other is a high school with hundreds of students. And every organization has its own ways of working, its own organizational culture.

We don’t make empty promises, holding out mindfulness to be a quick fix. Mindfulness training helps you achieve substantial results within two months: more resilience and self-awareness among employees. Truly integrating more effective ways of collaborating and communicating takes longer. That is why we focus on strengthening the self-learning capacity of teams to ensure mindfulness becomes fully embedded in your organization, even after the training has come to an end. With management and leadership as powerful sources of support.

The Mindful Leadership Training helps you discover how you can transform a stress culture into a ‘green zone’ of mindfulness and compassion where teams flourish.

With mindful leadership, you shift team culture into a culture with :

  1. Compassionate performance
  2. Collaboration through dialogue
  3. A positive emotional culture
  4. Resilience
  5. Focused (team) attention

You will experience that a stress culture of avoiding responsibilities, social loafing and individual centered ‘me’ communication, turns into the Green Zone of mindfulness with compassion: aspirations, a firm work and performance ethic, shared responsibility and we-communication. In this program, you will learn about compassionate leadership that will enable you to transform teams that are working stubbornly and doggedly into teams that are enthusiastic, engaged and energetic.

With compassionate leadership you develop:

  1. Resilience
  2. Fearless presence of mind
  3. Unconditional responsibility
  4. Inquisitive openness
  5. Experimental, innovative and connecting action

As your partner in Mindfulness at Work, we help you create a green zone in your organization, in which high-quality performance, effective teamwork and joy at work go hand in hand.

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Additional options for Mindfulness in organizations

In addition to our courses , we offer several additional options for developing mindfulness in organizations:

  • Introductory workshop Mindfulness at Work.
    For employees, management, HR and executives. In a short workshop (2 hours to half a day), you get to know the power of mindfulness, the science behind it, and possible ways to introduce mindfulness to your team or organization.
  • Teamworkshop Getting a Mindful Headstart.
    A day or half day to learn the basics of stress management, mindfulness and mindful communication with your team. With practical tools and small exercises you can use right away.
  • Mindfulness in teams and organization:
    communication, cooperation, cultural change, enhanced performance. Based on a joint analysis of your organizations purpose, tasks and culture, we design a tailormade approach to create more job satisfaction, less stress and absenteeism and more effective collaboration in teams: a ‘green zone’. This results in a program of mindfulness training and mindfulness-based team interventions which will lead lto substantial improvement within two years.
  • Executive Leadership Program: the power of attention:
    With mindfulness as a foundation, this program helps you develop profound mindful leadership. We explore your personal leadership strengths to inspire and support others in achieving organizational and personal goals. You will be given tools to lead and navigate your executive team or board through turbulent times, by opening up space for dialogue and innovation. In this one-year program you work in a group of people with similar backgrounds and experiences, building a solid practice of reflection, deepening and strengthening your leadership.
  • Mindfulness Modules in Leadership Development Programs.
    We offer tailor-made modules on Mindful Leadership that can be integrated in Leadership Development Programs. Topics of these modules include developing mindfulness, developing focus, learning to switch between action and reflection, mindful communication and collaboration, and building effective teamwork with mindfulness.
  • Mindful Leadership for Young Professionals.
    More and more young professionals are entering leadership roles, many of them with a firm resolve to contribute to a healthy world and a socially responsible economy. In our Young Professional Leadership Program, they learn to deal with the everyday challenges of their new leadership roles without losing focus on their intrinsic motivation. By developing a healthy personal mindset, discovering mindfulness as a great personal resource, communicate authentically and effectively with their team.
  • Impact evaluation and scientific research.
    We evaluate all our trainings and programs. In addition to these evaluations, we can, in consultation with the client, conduct an in-depth impact study. Results from such an impact study not only inform you about learning effects, but also about what factors helped or hindered the success of the training. We also regularly invite our clients to participate in scientific research into the effects of mindfulness training in organizations.
  • • TEDx-style Lectures, key-note speeches and presentations.
    We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with mindfulness in organizations with you in a lecture, a key-note speech or a presentation. We will give you and your organization a refreshing and in-depth impression of mindfulness at work and mindful leadership.

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Mindfulness at work adds value

3 bollenMindfulness in organisaties is werkzaam op het snijvlak van drie gebieden: de persoonlijke ontwikkeling van de medewerkers, zijn of haar professie en de eisen die daaraan worden gesteld en de organisatie: teams, cultuur en veranderingen. Op elk gebied en snijvlak ervaren medewerkers of managers in een organisatie uitdagingen: mentale druk, elkaar begrijpen, aan eisen voldoen, samenwerken, je onmachtig voelen te voldoen aan wat er verwacht wordt, lastige collega’s, besluitvorming over hoofden heen, een harde organisatiecultuur, etc. Maar - gelukkig - ook: graag een bijdrage willen leveren, ergens voor gaan, met plezier werken en het gevoel onderdeel te zijn van een groter geheel.

Mindfulness op het werk speelt zich af op het snijvlak van drie gebieden: de persoonlijke ontwikkeling van de medewerkers, zijn of haar professie en de eisen die daaraan worden gesteld, en de organisatie: teams, cultuur en veranderingen. Op elk gebied en snijvlak ervaren medewerkers of managers in een organisatie uitdagingen: mentale druk, elkaar begrijpen, aan eisen voldoen, samenwerken, je onmachtig voelen te voldoen aan wat er verwacht wordt, lastige collega’s, besluitvorming over hoofden heen, een wellicht harde organisatiecultuur, etc. Maar – gelukkig - ook: graag een bijdrage willen leveren, ergens voor gaan, met plezier willen werken en het gevoel hebben onderdeel te zijn van een groter geheel.

Mindfulness­trainingen op het werk en mindfulness-based teaminterventies voegen waarde toe aan elk van die drie gebieden.
Voor professionals brengt het:

Mindfulness at work adds value to three areas: to the personal development of employees, to the execution of his or her profession and task, and to the organization they work at, including its teams, culture and development. Each individual area and their intersections present employees and leaders with a myriad of challenges: mental pressure, understanding and misunderstanding, not being able to meet workplace demands, difficulties in cooperation, annoying colleagues, no control over their work, a tough or threatening organizational culture, to name just a few. But - fortunately – each area and intersection can have positive effects as well, such as feeling part of something bigger, personal and professional growth, fun, and a sense of relevance and contribution.

Mindfulness training at work and mindfulness-based team interventions add value to each of those three areas. On the personal level, it helps individual employees strengthen their personal resources with mindfulness. It brings them more resilience, more flexibility and better self-care. From a professional and task-oriented point of view, mindfulness leads to a more conscious performance of the work that needs to be done, a stronger resistance to the stresses related to a profession or task, and a more open mind, giving room for creativity and innovation. Teams and organizations experience the added value of mindfulness through improved communication and collaboration, shared growth through stronger collaboration and performance, and increased employability. As a result of all this, organizations themselves are able to create more added-value.

Our clients and how they experience us

The Center for Mindfulness has been providing mindfulness training for many years for many organizations. And our clients value our work highly.

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A recent study showed that more than 80%. of employees who attended one of our trainings experience a high positive impact of our training.
The factors that determine this success are:

  • clear, well-structured training
  • competent trainers who understand how organizations works
  • supportive management
  • good training materials (workbook and audio tracks)
  • embedding mindfulness in HR policy

Evaluation and research
Because we want to solidly ground and embed mindfulness in the workplace, we conduct an evaluation after each training to measure its impact. We discuss the outcome of this study with our client. In collaboration with several universities (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Maastricht University, Leiden University) we also conduct academic research into the relationship between mindfulness training and psychological capital, work engagement and teamwork.

Teaching Mindfulness in organizations: a profession of its own

We consider mindfulness at work to be a profession of its own. Only professional mindfulness trainers with a solid understanding of organizations can offer the quality that is necessary to effectively embed mindfulness in organizations. That is why our mindfulness at work trainers are not only certified in the highest category mindfulness trainer at the VMBN, the association of mindfulness trainers, but have additional qualifications in organizational science or organizational psychology. They can think about health and safety policy, analyze the organizational culture, and advise you on the best way to introduce mindfulness in your organization. At the Centre for Mindfulness, they were trained in the specialist advanced program for becoming a trainer for Mindfulness in Organizations (see Alumni Mindfulness in Organizations Training).

Our team

Our Mindfulness at Work-team consists of mindfulness trainers who understand that Mindfulness at Work is a profession of its own. We combine our long experience as mindfulness trainers with a solid background in organizations, as organizational psychologists or management consultants. We are aware of the latest scientific developments and findings. As a team we combine craftsmanship with enthusiasm. We also show mindfulness in our own way of working with clients: by really listening, being open minded, clear, practical, decisive and focused on results without false promises.

Would you like to know more about Mindfulness at Work or about Mindful Leadership? Feel free to contact us!