Living Together Mindfully and Compassionately

Ten of thousands of people are practicing mindfulness meditation in the Netherlands. As Centrum voor Mindfulness it is our mission to support them doing that. By offering off- and online courses and workshops and educating qualified mindfulness- and compassion teachers that can guide these courses. And by providing information for the general public and policy advice, to support the growth of a society where people can live mindfully and compassionately.

Your generosity counts

CVM is anot-for-profit organization, where passionate professionals offer courses, organize teacher training and much more. The biggest part of our income comes from those sources, but – especially in these challenging times – we can use extra support very well. For making possible the practical and organizational investmenst in our free online activities. In order to serve people and the wider society with mindfulness and compassion also in the future.

Your generosity is crucial for that and is highly valued by us.

How to donate

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