Mindfulness Courses

Workshops for everyone

  • Meditation Evenings

    Every Thursday Evening 20:00-20:30h ›

    Wouldn’t it be great to allow yourself an evening devoted to meditation every once in a while? Every Thursday evening: a meditation refresher session, in English. All are welcome.

  • Meditation Days

    One day › 1st Sunday of the Month ›

    Need some inspiration and support for your personal mindfulness practice? You're welcome at one of our monthly mindfulness meditation days.

  • Deep Listening Essentials

    2 Days ›

    Learn the transforming power of open, attentive listening in your work

  • Mindfulness for musicians

    Seminar > 18 June

    Mindful music making as a basic skill for the 21st century musician. A seminar.

  • EcoDharma: Buddhism and the Ecological Challenge

    Two days ›
    A workshop with Zen teacher David Loy

Compassion Courses

  • What is compassion?

    And how you can train it to support yourself and others

    Kindness and friendliness, for yourself and others, are qualities you can train. Compassion training was developed as a follow-up to mindfulness training to help people keep practising mindfulness and mildness.

  • Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Intensive with Kristin Neff and Chris Germer

    5 Days ›

    An in-depth opportunity to immerse yourself in the key practices of mindful self-compassion. And learn how powerful and transformative they can be.

  • Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Intensive

    4 Days ›

    The intensive version of the Mindful Self-Compassion training (MSC). An in-depth opportunity to immerse yourself in the key practices.

For Organizations

  • Transforming Mindsets and Building Capabilities for Today's Challenges

    Mindfulness in organisations: resilience, awareness and collective intelligence.
    Announcing the cooperation between CVM and Awaris.

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace Training - live and online

    8 Sessions > Dates to be agreed

    Integrating mindfulness at work, supporting health, presence and communication.

  • WorkingMind

    Modular > Dates to be agreed

    A mindfulness-based training to strengthen resilience, concentration, collaboration and happiness in working life.

  • TeamMind

    Modular > Dates to be agreed

    A mindfulness-based team training to cultivate collective intelligence and collaborative problem solving in teams.

  • Mindful Leadership Training

    10 Sessions ›

    Develop resilience, focus and emotional intelligence for your leadership in 10 weeks

  • ResilientMind

    Modular > Dates to be agreed

    A mindfulness-based resilience training.

For Parents and Children

  • Mindful Parenting

    8 Sessions ›

    How to take care of yourself and stay close to your child. Train with a group of like-minded parents

In Healthcare

Symposia and Conferences

Mindfulness and Buddhism

Mindfulness and the Arts

Mindfulness and climate change